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Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass BridgeZhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon has become a hot attraction because of the world-record-holding glass bridge. But the Grand Canyon is about more than just the bridge. It is a beautiful combination of waterfalls, mountains, streams, cliffs, and caves.

  • Chinese: 张家界大峡谷 ZhāngjiāJiè Dàxiágǔ /jung-jyaa-jyeah daa-hsyaa-goo/ 'Zhang Family Territory Grand Canyon'
  • Area: 60 square kilometers
  • Popular activities: walk on the glass-bottomed bridge, enjoy a scenic walk
  • Suited to: nature lovers
  • Time needed: 34 hours
  • Entrance fee: 118 yuan for the Grand Canyon only; 256 yuan for the Grand Canyon and the glass bridge

What to Do in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Take a Terrifying Walk Along the Glass Bridge

Hanging between two mountains, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is the world's longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge, with a length of 430 meters (1,410 feet) and a height of 300 meters (984 feet). It has been an enormously popular attraction since it opened.

You can walk on it and enjoy an all-round panoramic view of the stunning Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge

View Magnificent Attractions

Walking in the park, you will be impressed by many magnificent views, such as 'A Strip of Sky' and 'Sky Ladder'.

'A Strip of Sky' is a very narrow valley near the entrance of the Grand Canyon. As its name implies, it is so narrow that only one person can get through it at a time. You can have a close-up experience of the geology of Zhangjiajie on both sides.

After passing through the 700-meter valley, you will step onto the 'Sky Ladder', which is a wooden ladder along steep cliffs. It is called this because it looks like a ladder that leads you to a wonderland in the sky.

Enjoy a Scenic Walk

The Grand Canyon park is full of verdant forests, clean streams, beautiful waterfalls, and caves. It is enjoyable to take a 2–3 hour walk there. The long walk is energy-consuming, but you will be rewarded with peaceful and beautiful scenery.

Go on a Slide in the Green Forest

If you want to have some fun on the way down, you can go on a long slide in the green forest. It extends for about 600 meters (1,968 feet) and takes about 3 minutes. It costs about 20 yuan.

How to Get to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie is located in Sanguansi Township of Cili County, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) northeast from Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It is convenient to travel from downtown Zhangjiajie and Wulingyuan town.

From Downtown Zhangjiajie

First take a bus from Zhangjiajie City Bus Station (张家界市中心汽车站) to Wulingyuan (武陵源) Bus Station. The traveling time is about an hour.

From Wulingyuan Scenic Area

Take the "Wulingyuan–Grand Canyon" bus (武陵源–大峡谷) at Wulingyuan Bus Station. It takes about 40 minutes.

Nearby Attractions

Zhangjiajie National Forest ParkZhangjiajie National Forest Park
  • Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is China's first national forest park. It draws a large number of visitors with its awesome rocky tower scenery.
  • Baofeng Lake is a freshwater lake in Wulingyuan Scenic Area. It is enjoyable to take a relaxing boat ride on the crystal clear lake.
  • Tianmen Mountain, the highest peak in Zhangjiajie, has been called "one of the most beautiful mountains in the world" by many travelers.

Touring Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon with Us

Our Zhangjiajie tours often include the Grand Canyon Glass Bridge. If you want to explore more of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, please feel free to let us know. We will be glad to tailor-make a tour for you.

Here are two popular Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon itineraries for your reference: