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Spicy Hunan DishesTujia Sauerkraut fish

The local Hunan cuisine is characterized by its heat, its aroma, and spices. Noted dishes include stinky tofu, spring rolls, pork leg braised in soy sauce, hot and spicy chicken, sliced beef, Tujia Minority salted meat and salted fish, braised chicken with gyrophora ('stone ear' lichen), River Zhi duck, Linwu duck, and Hunan Yellow Chicken, among others.

Tujia smoked dishes include smoked pork, salted lamb, salted beef, and salted pig legs. Their sour and spicy dishes consist of sour wild herbs, pickled vegetables, sour pork, sour fish, sour corn mash, and others. 

Tujia pickled dishes include pickled pepper, cured meat, cured corn power, and pickled ginger.

Tujia family dishes include pumpkin soup, rice tofu, steamed pork with rice, meat with vegetables, stewed chicken with gyrophora, loach soup with bean curd, spicy fish, and other treats. Their wild herbs and local rice dishes are also delicious. 

Recommended Restaurants in Zhangjiajie

  • Hong Ge Restaurant
    Address: Chongwen Road
  • Philander Sister Restaurant
    Address: Chongwen Road
  • Red Lotus Tujia Special Flavor Restaurant
    Address: 740 Tianmen Road
  • Yuanyuan Special Restaurant
    Address:  871 Tianmen Road