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Zhangjiajie Tour Guides

Written by Kelly Pang Updated Jan. 11, 2021

As Zhangjiajie is filled with vast landscapes of breathtaking scenery, numerous magnificent national parks, and lots of geologically significant sites, there is an endless amount of things to see, and ways to tour the region. Because of all the possibilities, planning a trip yourself may seem overwhelming, so finding a tour guide can significantly ease the process, and make your trip more valuable and memorable. With China Highlights, finding the perfect tour guide is as easy as it gets.

If you find yourself debating whether you need a tour guide for your visit to Zhangjiajie, the information below will surely help you decide.

Is a Tour Guide a "Must" for Zhangjiajie?

The simple answer is: no. If you are feeling extra adventurous, going solo may be a plausible option.

Zhangjiajie Attractions

However, being that most of the popular tourist sites in Zhangjiajie are spread across a huge region of mountainous terrain, the use of a tour guide can drastically ease your trip, and allow you to access the most desirable areas with comfort and with the addition of insider knowledge into the best scenic spots. The National Forest Park particularly is very tricky to navigate even with maps, and losing your way or boarding the wrong shuttle-bus is a common occurrence without proper guidance.

Not to mention, the historical and cultural heritage of this region in particular, is an integral part of its soul. A trip without the proper insight and explanation to accommodate the magnificent sights, would be incomplete. With a China Highlights tour guide, you can rest assured that you will be receiving unmatched expertise about the various locations in Zhangjiajie, and be part of an insightful and unforgettable experience not available elsewhere.

The language barrier is also something to keep in mind, as Zhangjiajie's relatively distant location from major cities, means fewer guides that can speak English at a sufficient level. Even travelers with a proficient Chinese-speaking level might want to consider our tour guides, as a common local dialect in Zhangjiajie (of the Tujia ethnic minority) is very different from standard Mandarin, and may be difficult for many to understand. One of the added benefits, is that many of our Zhangjiajie guides themselves are members of the Tujia ethnic group, meaning that you have the unique opportunity to ask and learn first-hand about the ethnicity from our guides, something that is rarely available otherwise. Check out how to get even more out of your tour guides!

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China Highlights Tour Guides

Zhangjiajie tour guideZhangjiajie tour guide

Our tour guides can ensure that communication along your trip is not an issue, and will assist with everything starting from your arrival at the airport, transportation along the way, and all the way through to the end, making sure your questions have been answered, and the wishes for your trip have been filled.

China Highlights provides professionally-trained tour guides all throughout China, to cater to all your travel needs. Our guides' supreme dedication and efforts ensure the best value for your money, and are what helped us maintain our award-winning services for so many years.

Zhangjiajie is one of these places that if you travel across the world to go to, you don't want to risk a poorly-planned trip that does not encompass all the essentials. This magical place can be the trip of your lifetime, so you should strongly consider utilizing the best resources available to guarantee everything goes smoothly and according to plan. Our expert guides will make sure that this happens, so that you don't have to!

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Why People Love China Highlights' Guides

China Highlights' guides offer the most professional service

One of the major things that we emphasize in our tours is the quality of the service you get, and who better to serve you on a trip than our selection of trained and tested local tour guides?

As one can expect, there are literally thousands of tour guides in China available to your choosing. But as anyone who has used tour guides before can tell you, this can sometimes be somewhat of a gamble.

Particularly in China, many guides have earned questionable reputations due to their habit of sticking to tight, fixed, and packed schedules, with little room for adjustment or variation. To make things worse, there is a common tendency of leading unsuspecting customers to popular "tourist traps", and places such as shops, hotels, and restaurants which in fact are in cooperation with the particular guide (revenue sharing), and may not necessarily be the right place for you.

We Follow Your Pace

At China Highlights, our motto is "Discovery Your Way", and we make it our mission to ensure that our guides match the itinerary to your needs and desires, and at your pace, without unnecessary detours or hidden fees along the way! We focus our attention to asking what it is you want out of your trip, and how you want to experience it. With expert advice, attentive response, and flexible itineraries, there is really nothing more you could want out of a guide!

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Oh! And did we mention that our guides strictly adhere to not leading you to any shops or destinations that you did not consent to? Just in case you suspect they might, we have a full refund for the guide cost if they do! China Highlights is the first travel agency to offer NO SHOPPING on all private tour itineraries.

If you still feel hesitant, you can read more about what makes our guides so special.

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Zhangjiajie Tours


As you may have already guessed, there are many types of ready-made tours in Zhangjiajie for you to choose from. China Highlights ensures that each of our tours are the most authentic way of experiencing your chosen area, and that you get the best value for your money.

Depending on how much time you have and how active you want to be, we can take you around for four full days to explore everything these gorgeous mountains have to offer. Check out some of our most popular Zhangjiajie tours:

  • 1-Day Glass Bridge & Baofeng Lake Tour - If you don't have a lot of time, but are still anxious to get a little taste of the unique experience, this 1-day tour is the ideal choice!
  • 4-Day Essence of Zhangjiajie Tour - Want to experience as much of Zhangjiajie in the shortest amount of time possible? The 4-day Essence of Zhangjiajie Tour is exactly that; all the essentials, in just 4 days.
  • 7-Day Zhangjiajie Photography Tour - A visit to Zhangjiajie is going to be one of the best chances in your life to stock up on some breathtaking photos, and in order to maximize the quality of these pictures, this 7-day Photography Tour will take you to all the best spots for the most stunning photos!
  • 14-Day China Natural Wonders Discovery - If you are excited about Zhangjiajie, but also want to include as many other similar locations as possible into your itinerary, this tour will make sure you get to see the best that China has to offer in terms of natural wonders. Two weeks of pure natural beauty and an exquisite cultural experience.
  • Check out other Zhangjiajie Tour options that can be tailored to your interests.

Or, if you desire even more control in planning your perfect trip, our easy to use create my trip tool is the best way to plan the perfect trip that caters to all your needs.

Start planning your tailor-made tour with 1-1 help from our travel advisors. Create Your Trip

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