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The Top 10 Attractions in Zhuhai

Located in the Pearl River Delta in Southeast China, Zhuhai is a beautiful city with much to offer. From ancient cultural relics, museums and modern amusement parks to picturesque landscape exhibited by scenic mountains and a clean coastline, the city offers something to suit every interest.

1. The New Summer Palace

The New Summer Palace

The New Summer Palace is one of the first-selected AAAA scenic areas in China.

A replica of the original Summer Palace in Beijing, it reproduces the 18 key halls and scenic features in the same size as the original Summer Palace in Beijing. It has an imperial palace complex, Western style buildings, and classical southern Chinese gardens. Many daily performances are given at different places.

2. Zhuhai Museum

Zhuhai Museum

Set on 1.5 hectares (3.7 acres) in the downtown area, the Zhuhai Museum comprises of a garden, a park and the majestic museum building.

The 13 exhibition halls in the museum display a huge number of ancient ceramics, photos depicting the history of Zhuhai, collections of numerous items, and artefacts that date back to the Neolithic period.

3. Jintai Temple

Jintai Temple

A seat of religious activity, Jintai Temple is located at the southern side of the Huangyang mountains in Doumen county in Zhuhai.

The ancient Chinese architecture of the building embedded within the green hills overlooking a stretch of clear water presents a picturesque scene when seen from afar. A statue of Buddha and an antique room can be found in the Great Hall in the building.

4. Tangjia Bay

Tangjia Bay

Looking out onto the vast Pacific Ocean, Tangjia Bay is famous for its ecological areas, museums and memorials, universities and research centers, and for its food.

Qi Ao Island situated 2 km off the coast, is a tourist resort with mangrove groves, historical monuments and some ancient mounds. It is about 4 km wide and 6 km long.

5. The Meixi Scenic Archways

The Meixi Scenic Archways

The Meixi Sceneic Archways, situated in the Meixi village in Zhuhai comprise of three archways built to honor Chen Fang, the consul general to Honolulu.

The archways are built on a unique design combining traditional Chinese architecture with Western decorative style. They open into a park which has a museum, the former residence of Chen Fang, a garden and cemetery. There are many exhibits, performances, and an active workshop where you can buy souvenirs.

6. Seaside Park

Seaside Park

Seaside Park is a peaceful area to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, which comprises beautifully landscaped lawns, green woods, and stretches of blue sea punctuated by flying sea gulls and sailing boats.

You can have a view of the iconic sculpture of the graceful fishing girl perched on a high stone, holding a pearl in both hands.

7. Wai Lingding Island

Wai Lingding Island

Wai Lingding Island, a 4.25 square kilometer stretch of land surrounded by the sea, is famous for its tranquil environment, natural beauty, clean waters and exotic stones.

Lingding peak, the highest peak on the island, soars 311 meters high and gives a spectacular view of the islands scattered beneath. It has a number of scenic spots and the beaches are good for fishing, swimming, and surfing.

8. Zhuhai International Motor Racing Circuit

Zhuhai International Motor Racing Circuit

The best of Asia's six A level tracks, the Zhuhai International Circuit is China's first motor track made with Formula one in mind.

It is constructed from the best materials, which have a very high melting point. The circuit is 4.3 kilometers long and has a total of 14 turns, 9 right turns and 5 left turns. The circuit was officially opened in 1996 and the first international race attracted 250 race cars including the famous Mclaren, Ferrari and Porsche motorcades.

9. Pearl Amusement Park

Pearl Amusement Park

The Pearl Amusement Park is a modern park with novel recreational facilities.

The unique architectural design, dense woods, lush green grass and blooming flowers make it an attractive spot for tourists. It has about 30 thrilling rides of all types and sizes. From roller coasters and sliding cars to mini racing cars, small trains and aquatic bicycles, there is fun and excitement for everyone。

10. The Shijing Mountains

The Shijing Mountains

Originally named 'Rhino Looking at the Moon Mountain' (犀牛望月山) because of its peculiar shape of a rhinoceros looking up at the sky, the Shijing Mountains are famous for their exotic stone landscapes.

Climbing up the mountain, a beautiful landscape stretches in front of the eyes with boundless waters, scattered islands, a beautiful bay and a spectacular view of the prosperous city beneath. The park on the mountain has cable cars, which you can take to the top of the mountain and have a panoramic view of the city. You can also have a view of the "stone zoo" with rocks in the shape of different animals.

Macau Sightseeing Cruise from Zhuhai

Macau Sightseeing Cruise from Zhuhai

A visit to Zhuhai is not complete without a sightseeing cruise around Macau.

Witness the spectacular scenes of Macau's landmarks by taking this cruise. The sightseeing ship sets out from Jiuzhou harbor, Xiangzhou harbor or Wanzai and passes through Flying Wing sea route and Friendship Bridge. The one-and-a-half-hour trip gives visitors ample time to enjoy the scenery and take photographs.

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