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Beijing Weather in August

beijing weather in august

Weather: It is still very hot in Beijing. The highest temperatures may reach 38 °C (100 °F). August has almost as much rain as July, Beijing's wettest month, but still only a moderate amount at 160mm (6 inches). There are occasional thunderstorms, so bring an umbrella.

Clothing: Summer clothing is generally enough even in the evenings.

Beijing August 2013 Weather Data Graphs

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What to Do

beihai parkBeihai Park

As summer winds down so do the number of visitors, lines dwindle, crowds lessen and the capital of the Middle Kingdom opens up. No time is better to let your Beijing adventure begin as when the summer ends.

The Beijing Aquarium: The largest inland aquarium in China with countless aquatic creatures, from African princes to blue sharks, piranha to butterfly fish the Beijing Aquarium has it all and more. Northeast exclusive species and Chinese-style performances make it the perfect way to enjoy the end of the summer.

Wangfujing Shopping Street: On Wangfujing Street shopping is only the icing on an immense and diverse cake. With options like high end brand juxtaposed local trinkets and souvenirs shoppers get a sucker punch of culture and modernism. Enjoy the cool august air as you decide between Beijing duck or grabbing some KFC to go. Exposing new China with remnants of the old Wangfujingis the road to a lovely August.

Beihai Park: Once a getaway for Emperor Qian Long, Beihai Park now sprawls with greenery and lapping lakes. Family friendly boat excursions offer visitors a chance to experience vistas as they undulate over.More so the people’s park than a tourist center, visitors can feel the beat of the heart of Beijing.

Be aware: August is in the peak travel season, and tourist attractions are very crowded. Hotel rates and flights are considerably higher than usual. Booking in advance is recommended.

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