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Top Parks of Chengdu

Written by Chris QuanUpdated Jan. 14, 2021

Parks in Chengdu have quite a lot in common. At most parks you'll be able to find people singing, dancing, practicing Chinese calligraphy and exercising. And you'll find most parks are supplied with teahouses, gardens, historical/cultural items on display, paddleboats, and mini-amusement parks. Here is a list of the top seven parks and each park's specialty.

Huanhuaxi Park

This park is much bigger than it seems. Located just behind Dufu's Thatched Cottage and connected to the Sichuan Museum at Huanhuaxi you can journey into a kind of wilderness. This small forest attracts many birds for those of you who enjoy bird watching. Let's not forget that this park also offers a lot as far as scenery, culture and history.
Location: 9 Qinghua Road, Qingyang District (浣花溪公园 青羊区青华路9号)

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Baihuatan Park

Cultural parkCulture Park

Somehow most parks find their way next to a river. Baihuatan is no exception. Located just at the end of the ancient-esk Qintai Road, the specialty of this park is its award winning Bonsai garden. Sichuan has a long history of creating these potted landscapes, so come here to learn more.
Location: 175 First Ring Road Second Section West, Qingyang District (百花潭公园青羊区一环路西二段175号)

Culture Park

As the name suggests this park specializes in displaying Chinese culture. Located just next to Qingyang Palace you can come here to watch the Sichuan Opera or take part in whatever special event is going on at the time.  These special events include the Lantern Festival carnival, the flower festival, art displays and photography displays.
Location: 23 Qingtai Road, Qingyang District (文化公园青羊区琴台路23号)

River-viewing Pavilion Park

Wanjiang tower parkRiver-viewing Pavilion Park

Also known as the Wangjiang Pavilion Park, the unique thing about this park is its wide variety of species of bamboo. There are two parts to this park; one is the Cultural Relic Protection Zone and the other part is the normal park. And of course go into the tower to get a great view of the river.
Location: 300 Wangjiang Street, Wuhou District (望江楼公园武侯区望江路300号)

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People's Park

People's Park is the main park in the eyes of most Chengduites. As such come here to find a good number of people enjoying the park in a number of ways. Although it may seem strange, the people are the real specialty of this park, because no matter which day you go you're likely to find lots of people often doing interesting things.
Location: 12 Shaocheng Road, Qingyang District (人民公园青羊区少城路12号)

International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park

Although you need to travel a little bit outside of the third ring road the International ICH Park has everything Chinese; not just Sichuanese. Here you can find handicraft artwork, learn more about Chinese festivals, take a bike ride through China's agricultural history, and taste Chinese food. They also hold many special events throughout the year.
Location: 601 Guanghua Avenue Second Section, Qingyang District (国际非物质遗产博览园青羊区光华大道二段601号)

Hua Wu Ren Jian

Hua Wu Ren Jian is a large scenic area that focuses on agriculture, ecology, environmental protection, health and business. The concept of this park is to create a working vision of a scientifically designed low-carbon sustainable future. The park attempts to give the visitors a profound understanding of the environment and agriculture. Also, keep in mind that this park is huge.
Location: Xinjin County, Chengdu Prefecture (花舞人间新津县)

Touring Chengdu

Let us know if you want to add a visit to one of these parks to a Chengdu tour. We are experts at customizing China tours.

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