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People's Park

The Chengdu park with the longest history and perhaps the most people is People’s Park. Although some people may shy away from crowded areas, one of the charming aspects of People’s Park is the wide variety of people and activities going on.

The People

If you enjoy people watching then there is quite a feast for your eyes here. However, if you are outgoing and adventurous enough to join in these activities then you’ll find Chinese people very welcoming and inviting.

Matchmaking in Chengdu People's ParkMatchmaking in Chengdu People's Park

At first you may think that everyone is dancing together in the main dancing area. Actually you’ll find there are as many as four or five groups dancing to different music in and around this area. Some groups are free for anyone to join, but others are more like performances.

Just a few steps away from the loud music and dancing you’ll find people drawing caricatures, fortunetellers, snack shops, toy shops, candy art, people playing cards/badminton, people singing karaoke, matchmaking, etc.

The Park

As for the facilities of the park you’ll find a big lake on the south side of the park. You can rent a boat to enjoy the watery side of the park.

There is a large rock sculpture at the main entrance and here you’ll find more dancing, water calligraphy, and kite flying. Keep in mind however that many older kite flyers find special joy in flying their kites so far away that no one can actually see the kite!

Of course the famous Heming teahouse is in People’s Park. If you sit in the teahouse then you will definitely be offered a traditional-style ear cleaning. Sometimes near here you’ll find people playing traditional Chinese instruments such as the pipa or erhu.

Getting There

chengduChuanjun Anti-Japanese War Memorial in People's Park

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Location: Near Tianfu Square: 12 Shaocheng Street, Qingyang District (青羊区少城路12号)

How to get there: Take bus 5, 13, 43, 47, 53, 58, 62, 64, 78, 81, or 905 to People’s Park (Renmin Gongyuan 人民公园) or Subway Line 2 to People’s Park.

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