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7 Recommended Chengdu Souvenirs/Gifts - Take Chengdu Home

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 27, 2024

For memorabilia and gifts Chengdu provides the tourist with a number of convenient shopping opportunities. If you need to pick up gift items for several friends back home, but do not wish to fill up your luggage with bulky items, read on the see what to buy from Chengdu.

1. Chengdu Brocade and Embroidery - the Most Popular Souvenir

Chengdu embroideryChengdu embroidery

Brocades, usually silk brocades, are one of the most popular "souvenir items" among tourists, as they are not only quintessentially Chinese, but also have high intrinsic value.

The age-old brocade style developed over the aeons in the Chengdu area is the Shu brocade style. Shu (蜀) is short for Sichuan province. The Shu brocade style is one of the four famous brocade styles of China. They are still richly colorful and complex in pattern.

Shu embroidery, then as now, is used to embellish such familiar items as quilt covers, pillow cases, and articles of clothing, women's shoes, and a host of other articles, such as tapestries.

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2. Giant Panda Products - Popular Gifts that Never Go Wrong

Giant panda stuffed toys Giant panda stuffed toys

Sichuan is the hometown of giant pandas. There are several giant panda bases in Sichuan. The cute giant panda always attracts many visitors from home or abroad. Giant panda products range from postcards, key-ring trinkets, T-shirt to big stuffed toy, and beautiful embroidery.

If you have no idea what to bring home, buy some giant panda products, and you can't go wrong.

3. Tibetan-Style Ornaments - Colorful Decoration at Home

Tibetan-style ornamentsColorful Tibetan-style ornments

There are a number of Tibetan-style ornament and souvenir gift shops concentrated near Wuhou Temple. These offer unique beaded jewelry items such as highly-colorful bracelets and necklaces – including a special variant that is wound around one's head as a distinctive and colorful adornment – tassels, and more traditional jewelry items such as earrings, pendants and bracelets made of gold, silver, and copper.

4. Chengdu Facial Makeup Masks - for Kids

Sichuan Opera, especially Face Changing, is a unique Sichuan element.

Face changing Chengdu Face Changing

The magical and colorful face changing always attracts children. Thus the face masks are good souvenirs for kids. And they also make good wall decorations if you are a Chinese paraphernalia lover.

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5. Tea and Tea Set - Bring Leisure Time Home

Teahouses are also a Chengdu characteristic. If you have spent time at a Chengdu teahouse, you should enjoy sharing Chinese tea culture with friends at home. So buy some tea and a tea set, and invite your friends round for afternoon tea Chinese-style.

6. Chengdu Hotpot Seasonings - Taste of Chengdu

Chengdu hotpotChengdu hotpot

Chengdu hotpot is the most famous food in Chengdu. You must have tasted this spicy food. Some foreign travelers love this spicy hotpot. And if you are a fan of it, or your friends are spicy food lover, then hotpot seasonings are a good choice for a gift.

You can buy vacuum-packed hotpot seasonings in popular hotpot restaurants, or go shopping at supermarkets. Sichuan peppercorn is a must-have spice blend that gives local hotpots their numbing heat.

7. Zhang Fei Beef Jerky - the Top Chengdu Snack

Besides spicy hotpot, beef jerky is a very popular and tasty snack that you can bring home. Zhang Fei Beef Jerky is the leading Chengdu snack brand.

Zhang Fei was a highly-tanned character, described in 'Chinese Romance of the Three Kingdoms' (set in the period 220–280). The beef jerky's dark brown color earned it the name Zhang Fei Beef Jerky. If you would like to bring some Chengdu snacks, Zhang Fei Beef Jerky must be your number one choice.

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