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Shanghai to Guilin Flights

Shanghai - Guilin Flight Schedule

Both Shanghai Hongqiao Airport & Pudong Airport serve domestic flights to Guilin. The following flight schedules are listed for your reference only. You can find more air routes by searching the form above.

Flight No. From - To / Terminals Departure Time Arrival Time Flight Duration
FM9333 Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) - Guilin 08:35 11:10 2 hours 35 mins
MU5381 Shanghai Pudong (T1) - Guilin 11:05 13:40 2 hour 35 mins
CZ3252 Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) - Guilin 12:20 14:55 2 hours 35 mins
FM9331 Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) - Guilin 13:30 16:30 2 hours 30 mins
CA1969 Shanghai Pudong (T2) - Guilin 15:50 18:25 2 hours 35 mins
MU5249 Shanghai Pudong (T1) - Guilin 16:10 18:40 2 hours 30 mins
MU5693 Shanghai Pudong (T1) - Guilin 18:35 21:05 2 hours 30 mins
HO1147 Shanghai Pudong (T1) - Guilin 19:15 21:35 2 hours 20 mins

How far is from Shanghai to Guilin? Which is the most convenient and fastest way to get to Guilin from Shanghai? How long the trip?

It is about 1600 kilometers from Shanghai to Guilin. Taking a flight is of course the most convenient and fastest way. The trip is about 2 hours.

How far is from Guilin Liangjiang Airport to Guilin South Station? How can I get there?

It's about 30 km from the airport to Guilin South Station. You can take a shuttle bus to Shanghai Road, which is near the railway station. It's only 5 minutes by walking from Shanghai Road to Guilin South Station. You also can take a taxi.

Hello! We will be in Shanghai in May and would like to go to Guilin. If we arrive at Guilin airport at 10:40am, can we take the Li River Cruise? How long does it last? Do you recommend staying one night in Guilin?

Usually, the Li River Cruise starts around 9:00am. It lasts around 4 hours. If you have time, I recommend you spend one night in Yangshou, and then you could see the countryside by bicycle and see the wonderful show- Show of Impression Liusanjie.

I have international driver license and have drove in many countries. I like to know about car rental without driver in Guilin airport.

I'm afraid that according to China's laws and regulations, foreigners are not allowed to drive by themselves in China, not even with an international driver license, unless they have Chinese driver license. I would recommend that you take a taxi or hire transfer services, which is more convenient. It takes about 80 yuan from the airport to the city center.