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Beijing to Shanghai Flights

Beijing to Shanghai Flights

Written by AppleUpdated Dec. 7, 2023

There are 3 terminals in Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) housing some domestic airlines in China that provide direct internal flights to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA) & Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG). Here is a airline list to help you find which terminal to take your airline flights to Shanghai:

Beijing - Shanghai Flight Schedule

Beijing Capital Airport serves most Beijing to Shanghai domestic flights. The following flight schedules are listed for your reference only. You can find more air routes by searching the form above.

Flight No. From - To / Terminals Departure Time Arrival Time Flight Duration
MU5102 Beijing (T2) - Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) 08:00 10:10 2 hours 10 mins
CA1519 Beijing (T3) - Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) 09:30 11:35 2 hours 5 mins
MU5106 Beijing (T2) - Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) 09:55 12:00 2 hours 5 mins
CA1531 Beijing (T3) - Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) 11:00 13:10 2 hours 10 mins
MU5110 Beijing (T2) - Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) 11:55 14:10 2 hours 15 mins
MU5112 Beijing (T2) - Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) 12:55 15:10 2 hour 15 mins
MU271 Beijing (T2) - Shanghai Pudong (T1) 13:55 16:00 2 hours 5 mins
CA1521 Beijing (T3) - Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) 14:30 16:40 2 hours 10 mins
CA1515 Beijing (T3) - Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) 15:30 17:40 2 hours 10 mins
MU563 Beijing (T2) - Shanghai Pudong (T1) 16:20 18:45 2 hours 25 mins
CA1855 Beijing (T3) - Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) 17:30 19:40 2 hours 10 mins
MU5130 Beijing (T2) - Shanghai Pudong (T1) 19:05 21:30 2 hours 25 mins
CA986 Beijing (T3) - Shanghai Pudong (T2) 20:15 22:25 2 hours 10 mins
CA1861 Beijing (T3) - Shanghai Pudong (T2) 21:15 23:30 2 hours 15 mins
MU5182 Beijing (T2) - Shanghai Hongqiao (T2) 22:00 23:55 1 hour 55 mins

QA & Tips

How far is from Beijing to Shanghai by air? How long is the flight time from Beijing to Shanghai? How much does the airfare cost?

The Beijing to Shanghai flight distance is about 1200km (745 miles), and the flight duration is about 1 hour and 10 minutes. The full price of the airfare is 1400 RMB. The flights from Beijing to Shanghai are available from 07:30 to 22:00 with general intervals of 30 minutes. China Highlights can get you the best discounted price. You can use the search engine above to find the real time flight schedule and the best value price.

How to get to Beijing Capital International Airport from the city center of Beijing?

You can choose from take airport express (a subway line links Dongzhimen with Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The duration is only 20 minutes. Ticket fee: 25 CNY), hotel shuttle bus (most major hotels in Beijing provide this service), airport taxi (the charge will be at least 100 CNY.) and airport shuttle bus (cover different routes, including Beijing Railway Station. 16 CNY/person).

Are the temperatures of these two cities very different?

Beijing is in northeastern China and Shanghai is in the eastern. The temperature of Beijing is usually about 5 ºC (41 ºF) lower than that in Shanghai. The temperature difference of these two cities is most obvious in winter. But weather changes often. You can check the weather forecasts of these two cities on this website before you go. Beijing Weather; Shanghai Weather

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