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Jinan East Railway Station

Jinan East Railway Station

Written by AppleUpdated Aug. 6, 2021

Jinan East Railway Station is one of the five major train stations in the city of Jinan. It mainly serves high-speed trains to and from Jinan, while the other major train station Jinan Railway Station mainly serves both high-speed trains and regular trains. Jinan East Railway Station is about 14 kilometers (9 miles) from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, 19 kilometers (12 miles) from Baotu Spring, and 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Jinan Railway Station and .

Jinan East Railway Station Basics

  • Chinese: 济南东站
  • Name on train tickets: 济南东
  • Address: North of Peijiaying Village, Wangsheren Street, Licheng District, Jinan 济南市历城区王舍人街道裴家营村北侧
  • Station size: 13 platforms, 27 platforms

Station Plan

  • 2F: waiting hall, restrooms
  • 1F: platforms
  • -1F: arrival concourse, underground passageway, parking lot, taxi stand
  • -2F: subway station
  • North Square: long-distance bus station
  • South Square: BRT station, bus station

Popular Train Routes to Other Cities

Trains Destination Departure Duration Ticket Fares (second/first class)
D336, G334, G336... Beijing South 00:54 to 22:09 1.5 to 5 hours USD 23 / USD 44
G2661, G300, G101... Shanghai Hongqiao 06:35 to 20:32 3 to 5 hours USD 58 / USD 98
G2090, G2054 Xi'an North 11:12, 15:26 6 to 7 hours USD 76 / USD 122
D335, D6001, G6905... Qingdao 03:09 to 20:53 1 to 4 hours USD 18 / USD 27
G300, G224, G2666 Nanjin South 06:50 to 12:53 3 to 3.5 hours USD 49 / USD 75
G5557, G6965, G2059... Rizhao 07:48 to 19:05 2 to 4 hours USD 25 / USD 39
G1833, G300, G345... Qufu 06:40 to 21:58 30 minutes to 5 hours USD 10 / USD 12
G2661, G1833, G300... Tai'an 06:35 to 21:45 17 minutes to 5 hours USD 5 / USD 7
K137, Z53, K473, K725... Kunming 00:04 to 23:56 7 to 11 hours USD 24 / USD 36
D335, D6001, D6073... Weifang 03:09 to 20:53 1 to 5 hours USD 10 / USD 20
G300, G2666 Suzhou North 06:50, 12:53 4.5 hours USD 77 / USD 93

Major Guiyang Rail Lines

How to Get From Jinan East Railway Station to Other Train Stations

Jinan East Railway Station Jinan East Railway Station

To Jinan Railway Station

You can take bus No. 83 and NO. 118 from Jinan East Railway Station to Jinan Railway Station drectly, taking around 30 minutes.

To Jinan West Railway Station

You can take BRT 1 from Jinan East Railway Station to Jinan West Railway Station drectly, taking around an hour.

Transportation to Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport

Walk to the South Square of Jinan East Railway Station, take bus No. 45 or No. 83 to Medele Hotel, then take Airport Shuttle Bus Line 2 to Yaoqiang International Airport. It takes around 2 hours.

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