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Top 4 Rivers for Summer Rafting around Guilin

Top 4 Rivers for Summer Rafting around Guilin

Written by GavinUpdated Jul. 19, 2023

Going rafting is a good way to escape the heat in summer. We have recommended the following 4 places for summer rafting according to their popularity, locations and and travelers' feedbacks.

Yulong River, with a length of 43.5 kilometers, is the longest branch of the Li River.

It has another name of "little Li River" as the scenery on the shore is as beautiful as that of Li River. Without any traces of the artificial polish or noise found in the city, everything there is natural, simple and pure. Bamboo rafting on Yulong River is very popular among foreign travelers especially for those who travel with their kids. Our customers rating is 4.7 out of 5.  Read more on Yulong River

There are several rafting routes:

1, Chaoyang Pier — Gongnongqiao Pier; 
Lasting time: about 2 hours and 30 minutes

1. Yulong River

Yulong River

2. Shui’edi Pier — Gongnongqiao Pier

Lasting time: 50 minutes–1 hour (popular)

3. Gongnongqiao Pier — Aishan Pier

Lasting time: 50 minutes–1 hour

4. Xiatang Pier: get on and off (a round trip)

Lasting time: 50 minutes–1 hour (popular)

5. Yulong River Pier: get on and off (a round trip)

Lasting time: 1 hour

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2. The Twelve Shoals (十二滩)

The Twelve Shoals is located in the north-eastern part of Wantian Village of Lingui County. It is a distance of 50 kilometers from Guilin, and takes 1.5 hours to get there by car. The drifting trip takes about 2 hours. The whole course covers 9 kilometers, including 66 river beaches and 12 rapids in which the maximum fall is 3 meters. The overall fall of the entire course is 80 meters.

In the twisting channel of The Twelve Shoals, with torrents splashing on the rocks, the rubber raft thrashes in the waves. Alongside the river are towering cliffs covered with lush green forests from the foot to the top.

3. Longjing River (龙颈河)

The resort of Longjing River is situated in Dayuan Forest Farm of Xingping Town, Yangshuo County. It is 30 kilometers from the county’s town of Yangshuo. There are two different rafting courses:

Course for the brave: The full length of the drifting course is 6 kilometers. The overall fall is 180 meters. Along the river valley are mountain peaks and vast forests. The water there is extremely clear and there are more than 10 falls ranging from 3–6 meters as well as 108 bends. It takes about one hour to complete the course.

Course for the strong: The rafting course is 6 kilometers and the overall fall is 240 meters. The currents are swift all the way in the twisting channel of Longjing River.

Raft: rubber raft, 2 people per raft, no rudder or paddle.

Best times for rafting: June, July, August and September. 

Summer is the best season fro rafting, and this activity is popular among citizens, so it may take about an hour to queue before taking your raft.

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4. Nine Horses Fresco Hill (九马画山)

Li River

The Li River valley's Nine Horses Fresco Hill is located in the north-west of Xingping Town. The rafting course is 3.5 kilometers, and the overall fall is 80 meters. The whole valley is full of fresh air because both sides of the river are covered by lush plants. When you are drifting, you can also see steep and beautiful hills in karst landforms along the river.


  • Avoid drifting in May. Normally, the water level rises a lot in this month as it is the rainy season of Guilin.
  • The UV in summer is intense so pay attention to skin protection.
  • The best times for drifting are during June and September.
  • Remember to take spare clothes as it is inevitable that you will get wet when drifting.
  • If you wear glasses, remember to take a rubber band and tie your glasses up at the back of your head in case they slip into the water.

For more on this raft route, see Li River Cruise vs Bamboo Raft — An Australian Expat's View.

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