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Xilamuren Grassland: Must-Visit Inner Mongolia Prairie

Written by Sunny XieUpdated Jul. 31, 2023

Xilamuren Grassland is the nearest grassland to Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, hence it's a must-visit grassland for an easy glance at the steppe scenery of Inner Mongolia.

Scroll down to find key travel info and things to do at Xilamuren Grassland, or contact our Inner Mongolia expert for more information.

Xilamuren GrasslandXilamuren Grassland

Basic Facts about Xilamuren Grassland

  • Chinese: 希拉穆仁草原 Xīlāmùrén Cǎoyuán /sshee-laa-moo-rnn tsao-ywen/ 'Xilamuren Grassland'
  • Area: 720 sq km (278 sq mi)
  • Recommended visit duration: 1–2 days
  • Popular activities: horseback riding, Mongolia yurt stays, Mongolian cuisine, bonfire parties
  • Suited to: anyone, especially nature and culture lovers
Recommended Xilamuren Grassland Tour:

The Features of Xilamuren Grassland

Xilamuren Grassland is located in Baotou Prefecture of Inner Mongolia. It is a typical plateau grassland with a chain of undulating hills around it.

Besides its sweeping natural grassland, Xilamuren Grassland is also known for its Puhui Temple (普会寺 /poo-hway srr/) by the Xilamuren River. Puhui Temple is a lamasery built in the Qing Dynasty in 1769 AD, which served as a summer resort for the Sixth Panchen Lama of Xilituzhao Temple in Hohhot.

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Xilamuren Grassland Climate and Best Times to Visit

The climate in Xilamuren Grassland is changeable with a big day-to-night temperature difference. In spring, it is windy. In autumn and winter, it is cold. In summer, it is still cool, but the grass looks like a verdant carpet.

Summer: the Best Traveling Season

The best time to visit Xilamuren Grassland is from June to September with average temperatures of around 20°C (68°F). Mornings and evenings are very cool, and you may feel like you are visiting in chilly autumn when you are actually there during a summer night.

The Naadam Festival is held every summer on Xilamuren Grassland. Then you can take a fuller look at traditional Mongolian culture and nomadic life. Feel free to contact us to join in this big event if you are interested.

Naadam FestivalNaadam Festival

6 Things to Do on Xilamuren Grassland

  1. Enjoy the grassland welcome ceremony with kumis (fermented equine milk) and hada (silk scarf) giving.
  2. Watch the "three games of men": horse racing, wrestling, and archery.
  3. Take an adventurous horseback ride like a nomad.
  4. Taste the authentic Mongolian cuisine of a Zhama Banquet (a traditional Mongolian banquet).
  5. Join in a memorable bonfire party and appreciate the Mongolian songs and dances.
  6. Admire awesome sunrise and sunset on the boundless grassland.

Cannot wait to do these exciting activities? Contact us to tailor-make an Inner Mongolia grassland tour for you.

Xilamuren GrasslandXilamuren Grassland

Travel from Hohhot to Xilamuren Grassland

Xilamuren Grassland is located 190 kilometers (118 miles) north of Baotou city. However, people usually choose to travel there from Hohhot due to the short distance of only 90 kilometers (55 miles) which takes only 1½–2 hours' driving by private car.

Long-distance buses run from Hohhot to Xilamuren Grassland, but you'd need to get off at Zhaohe Bus Station and take a taxi to the grassland area. The most convenient way is to take a private transfer with an English-speaking guide who can also assist you with the featured activities on the grassland.

Private TransferPrivate Transfer

Stay in Xilamuren Grassland Yurt

The best way to experience the nomadic life is to stay in a Mongolian yurt.

Xilamuren Grassland has over 62 tourist reception centers and half of them are qualified to cater tourists with Mongolian yurt accommodations. These yurts are designed with standard room and shower facilities equal in quality to a 2–3-star standard hotel.

China Highlights only recommend providers who are experienced in serving international tourists. Contact us if you are having problems finding a suitable yurt service.

Mongolian Yurt in Xilamuren GrasslandMongolian Yurt in Xilamuren Grassland

Travel Tips for Xilamuren Grassland

  • Towel, toothbrush, soap, etc. are not provided in the yurts and you may need to bring your own. Showers rely on solar water heaters: a quick wash is recommended to avoid running out of hot water.
  • With large temperature differences between day and night, you should take at least a light jacket with you when you visit the grassland in summer.
  • With an altitude of 1,700 meters (5,600 feet) and strong sunlight, you should take a sunhat, sunglasses, and sun cream.

Touring Xilamuren Grassland with China Highlights

A tour of Xilamuren Grassland normally combines well with Hohhot city sightseeing and a visit to Resonant Sand Bay for desert adventures.

Here is our Xilamuren Tour for inspiration:

You are welcome to tell us your travel needs: we are ready to assist you with a customized Xilamuren Grassland tour.

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