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Tips for Planning a 3-Day Hong Kong Tour in 2019

Victoria PeakHong Kong from Victoria Peak

Hong Kong is internationally known as the world's #1 travel city. Here are some ideas to help you plan a 3 day Kong Kong Tour.

If you are planning to be in Hong Kong for 3 days, here is our recommendation for the best experiences.

Our itinerary suggests a good balance of attractions for three days.

  • Day 1: You'll see the city from the heights, learn something about the history of the city, and have chances for fine shopping, and dining along the way.
  • Day 2: See Hong Kong's best theme park and ride thrill rides on the second day.
  • Day 3: See Tsim Sha Tsui and Nathan's Road and hike on the Dragon's Back Trail.

Recommendations: If Hong Kong were a diamond, these are our recommended facets.

  • Shopping: Elements Mall, IFC Mall, Temple Street
  • Fun: Ocean Park, Symphony of Lights
  • Best cuisine: IFC Towers, ICC Tower
  • History: Museum of History, Hong Kong Museum of Teaware
  • Scenery: Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour
  • Amusement park thrill rides: Ocean Park
  • City parks: Hong Kong Park, Kowloon Park
  • Outdoors: Dragon's Back Trail, Big Wave Bay Beach

Day 1

Victoria HarbourVictoria Harbour

From a posh mall to a street market, and from tip top heights to the sea

Day 1 summary: though you may be tired, it is hoped that this packed first day will give you an enjoyable time seeing the major sights and the shopping and cuisine.

Morning to Noon, the ICC Tower and Elements Mall

Hong Kong from above: the ICC Tower

Find out what it's like to be in one of the world's tallest towers. Check out the skyline at the Sky100 observation deck. Directly below it you can also see what modern Asian luxury shopping and dining is like at the Elements Mall.

Transportation: Transportation is unusually easy: take the MTR to Kowloon Station, and you are there! The mall and tower are above it.

Midday, at the Harbor

Hong Kong at sea level: Victoria Harbour and the Star Ferry

Next, take a taxi and go to the Star Ferry in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is only about 2 kilometers away. Have lunch, or browse the Harbour City Mall.

Take the ferry trip: Then board the Star Ferry, and for 25 US cents take a ride that was once considered one of the top travel events in the world.

IFC Tower and Mall: If you want to see another mega luxury mall, the IFC Mall is even better known than the Elements Mall. If not, go directly to Victoria Peak.

Transport: Unfortunately, there is not direct MTR route between the ICC Mall and the Star Ferry. You could do a circuitous transfer from Kowloon Station to Tsim Sha Tsui Station, but then you'd have to walk a few minutes to the ferry.

Afternoon, Victoria Peak

View from atop Victoria PeakVictoria Peak offers some of the best views of Hong Kong. 

Natural high: The heights at Victoria Peak

For sightseeing in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak's view of the sea and city is quintessential. The perspectives afforded by a leisurely stroll on the paths overlooking the north and west sides of the island put Hong Kong in your heart. You'll really feel like you've seen Hong Kong on the Peak.

Transport: Bus 15 from the Central Pier bus lot, or Bus 15C from Exchange Square. Or take the Victoria Peak tram.

Don't want to queue up for tickets? We are here to help you. You can enjoy a worry-free tour to Victoria Peak with us. We will take care of the tickets and transfers to save your time and energy.

Late Afternoon

Chinese street shopping: Temple Street Night Market

Here is a place to shop for souvenirs, cheap clothes, and Chinese-made products. It is also a place to have dinner before the Symphony of Lights on Victoria Harbour at 8.

Transport: Get back down to the Central MTR Station near the IFC Towers, and then just take the MTR to Jordan Station (12 minutes by train). You could check out Kowloon Park near the station, or just walk to Temple Street.


Night lights spectacle: the Symphony of Lights

The night view of Hong KongA night view of Hong Kong

This favorite tourist attraction is an entertaining way to learn about various buildings in Hong Kong. The narration is in English on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. They call out the names of many buildings.

Transport: You could walk back to Victoria Harbour or take the Bus 6 (recommended) on Nathan Road or take the MTR to the Tsim Sha Tsui Station. 

Day 2


Hong Kong Museum of History: Little Hong Kong is a world financial power, a trade center, and a gateway to China. Learn about how Hong Kong developed.

Transport: You could take the MTR to Jordan Station on Nathan Road and walk west on Austin Road, or take Bus 5 or 5C.

Afternoon and Evening

Ocean Park in Hong KongOcean Park in Hong Kong

Ocean Park is for thrill rides and a theme park a little like Sea World in California. There are sea animals in aquariums. Depending on the day you go, it might be highly crowded though.

Transport to Ocean Park: Bus 629 from Admiralty MTR (about 20 minutes bus travel).

To help you to save your time and energy, we specially provide a one-day Hong Kong Ocean Park tour package including tickets and transfers.

Day 3


Shop and local attractions: the Golden Mile of Nathan Road

Hong Kong Chung King Mansion main entranceChungking is a famous crowded landmark on Nathan Road.

To see the local culture in HK and do more shopping, Nathan Road is a tourist magnet. People of various cultures mix there, and a variety of low end and high end stores line both sides. Start in front of Chung King Mansions on Nathan Road, and walk north. 

You could continue to walk north to Ladies Market. A stroll north while browsing and maybe sampling street food might take an hour. But simply take Bus 6 to Mong Kok Station.

Transport: Chungking Mansions is about a 13 minute walk from the Star Ferry, and right below the Tsim Sha Tsui Station.

Afternoon and Evening

Sundown from Dragon's Back, Hong KongSundown from Dragon's Back

For the afternoon, to get out of the urban environment and for natural beauty and exercise to end your tour, we suggest hiking the Dragon's Back. From Tsim Sha Tsui, you can take the MTR or Bus 973 to the starting point for the hike at Shau Kei Wan. At Shau Kei Wan, take Bus 9.

  • Dragon's Back is internationally renowned. From the trail, you could also go to the beach at Big Wave Bay Beach, one of the Top 10 Hong Kong Beaches, on Hong Kong Trail Section 8. See Hong Kong Island Hiking for more information about the trail and transport there.

Rainy Day Alternative

If is is rainy or the weather isn't suitable for country park hiking, we recommend that from Tsim Sha Tsui, you can take the MTR to Hong Kong Park. There you can still find a pleasant city park along with indoor spaces to visit and places for refreshment and staying warm and dry.

  • Hong Kong Park: It is a free city park with a greenhouse with 2,000 plant species, a world-class large open aviary under a net canopy, and Hong Kong's best and oldest 19th century British buildings.
  • Hong Kong Museum of Teaware: There is a free good ceramics museum, tea shop, and tea cafe (food and tea not free) and excellent architectural sightseeing.

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