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Tachuan Village

Tachuan Village

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jan. 15, 2024

Among the highlights around the Yellow Mountains is the village of Tachuan and the beautiful countryside around it. Adjacent Hongcun is World Heritage listed. The countryside and fields around Tachuan are preserved as well, and it is part of what gives the area the special charm and international interest. It's popular for hiking and photography.


Ancient Trees

tachuan villageTachuan fall scenery is considered among the most beautiful in China.

This secluded region still boasts numerous ancient giant trees such as Chinese tallow trees, maples and camphor trees that weren't cut down. Many of them have grown for hundreds of years, and they are so thick several people can stand hand in hand together around them. The trees are one of the things that makes the countryside especially beautiful.

Ancient Fengshui Village Layout

Tachuan (literally meaning "Pagoda and River") Village, also called Tashang (meaning "above the pagoda"), was built aligned with the shape of the mountain to create a pagoda shape. It was laid out like this according to Chinese ideas of geomancy ("feng shui").

The hundred-year-old folk houses were arranged well upon the mountain, tier upon tier, making it all look like a pagoda when seen from above. Streams wind their way through the village, adding their vitality to the tranquil atmosphere of the village.

Laba Tofu — a Local Food Specialty

While strolling around Tachuan, try the local snacks and traditional cuisine. Laba tofu is a popular local flavor.

Laba means the eighth day of the twelfth month of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, close to Chinese New Year, when the households of Tachuan traditionally dry laba tofu.

The quality soy bean curd is cut into round or square pieces and washed with salt water. A dimple is then scooped in the middle, and filed with salt. Then it is placed in the sun till the water dries up and the salt is absorbed into the tofu. Laba tofu is soft, salty, and fragrant.

Best Times for Touring

Tachuan villageTachuan Village autumn scenery and streams

The best time to visit Tachuan village to see the autumn scenery is in October and early November when the tree leaves turn multi-colored, creating a gorgeous sight. The season attracts many visitors and photographers.

Another good time is in March and April when the countryside between it and Hong Village are covered with yellow rape flowers that the Chinese call the 'sea of flowers'. At this time too, you can also enjoy blooming wild flowers and gardens and the fresh spring air.

Travel Essentials

  • Open: 7:30am–5:30pm
  • Entry: 30 yuan (5 USD)
  • Highlights: photography, hiking, fall hues
  • Suggested visit: half a day
  • By road: 1 hour from the Yellow Mountains, 1½ hours from Huangshan city.

Nearby Attractions

tachuan village's giant treesGiant trees near Tachuan

Most obviously, the legendary Yellow Mountains are less than an hour away.

Hongcun Ancient Village is only 2 kilometers (1 mile) away. The stroll between the two villages is an ideal way to see the countryside.

Xidi is another World-Heritage-listed ancient village, a scenic 8-km (5-mi) walk from Hongcun.

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Touring Tachuan with China Highlights

Be aware that the area around Hongcun and Tachuan is especially popular with Chinese tour groups and weekend tourists. Chinese tour groups with noisy loud speakers frequent the area during high season, but Tachuan is the less visited of the two villages.

Schools and universities let out for summer vacation in July, so there is a influx of families and young visitors eager to see the area until August. It is better to avoid weekends during high season when weekend tourists crowd in. Also avoid the main national holidays.

Make your hotel reservations in advance, especially during high season between March and November. Yellow Mountains flights and target hotel rooms are relatively more expensive, and train tickets may be difficult to obtain.

Tachuan Tours

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You can contact us to design a Tachuan tour according to your interests and time constraints.

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