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Kunming Western Restaurants

Wuhua District

1. Raindrops Café

The Raindrops Café serves mainly Western-style delicious dishes in an elegant environment. The serving speed may be a little slow sometimes due to the popularity of the place, but the waiters are very friendly.

  • Chinese name: 雨花西餐厅 Yuhua Xicanting
  • Recommended dishes: Cheese rolls (芝士卷), grilled fillet steak (牛扒),royal paella (皇室海鲜饭), pork chops (猪宝宝扒), salmon and spinach soup  (菠菜三文鱼汤), European style rice with beef (欧式铁锅牛肉饭), vanilla flavored baked scallops with mashed potato (香草薯茸焗扇贝), six flavor baked oysters (网烧六味生蚝), and beef ribs (牛肋排).
  • Average price per person: 92 yuan
  • Address: Floor 4, Vogue Plaza, Nanqiang Street, Wuhua District (五华区南强街倾城名店4楼)
  • Tel: 0871-3624031
  • Opening hours: 10 a.m.–12 a.m.
  • Transportation: 1) Take bus 10, 82, or 84, get off at the Western Intersection of Nanping Street and walk along Baoshan Street (宝善街) about 50 meters ; 2) Take bus 3, 6, or 21, get off at Jinma Biji Fang (金马碧鸡坊) and then walk about 100 meters.
  • Special services: Parking is free, credit cards are accepted, afternoon tea is provided and there is Wi-Fi.

2. Salvador's Coffee House

This long-standing restaurant provides mainly authentic Western-style food, which is not only delicious but also affordable. The ice creams are highly recommended. Besides, the service is very friendly.

  • Chinese name: 萨尔瓦多咖啡馆  Saerwaduo Kafeiguan
  • Recommended dishes: Chicken burritos (墨西哥卷饼), chicken salad (鸡肉沙拉), cheese cake (芝士蛋糕), and milk shake (奶昔).
  • Average price per person: 34 yuan
  • Address: 76 Wenhua Alley, Wenlin Street, Wuhua District (五华区文林街文化巷76号)
  • Tel: 0871-5363525
  • Transportation: Take bus 1, 85, 101, 125, or 139, get off at Fuyongdao (府甬道) and then walk about 90 meters.
  • Special services: Afternoon tea is provided and credit cards are accepted.

3. Jinga'na Spanish Restaurant

Located near the famous Green Lake, this restaurant has a full-bodied Spanish flavor. The red wine, shipped from Spain, is especially recommended. The food is high quality and comes in generous portions; cuttlefish with rice is especially popular. Besides, the atmosphere is cozy.

  • Chinese name: 金嘎纳西班牙餐厅 Jin Gana Xibanya Canting
  • Recommended dishes: French-style salad (法式色拉), char-grilled steak with pepper sauce (黑椒牛排), alliaceous noodles (蒜味面), griddle snail (干锅蜗牛), mushroom soup with milk taste (奶味蘑菇汤), Mediterranean vegetable soup (地中海素菜汤), paella (海鲜饭), French-style lamb chops (法式小羊排)
  • Average price per person: 97 yuan
  • Address: 24 Cuihu Bei Road, Wuhua District 五华区翠湖北路24号
  • Tel: 0871-5199696
  • Transportation:Take bus 1, 85, 100, 101, 125, 133 or 139, get off at Yunnan University (云南大学) and then walk about 126 meters.
  • Special services: Parking is free, afternoon tea is provided and credit cards are accepted.