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Lijiang Attractions

Lijiang attractions are dominated by the awesome scenery of places like Tiger Leaping Gorge and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, but the ancient town of Lijiang itself is a window into China’s past. With museums, temples and ethnic minorities the tourist spots will certainly give you a cultural experience.

Lijiang is a great area for trekking, with mountains, lakes (like Lugu Lake), and the Yangtze in its thunderously gushing upper course. Our Lijiang tours take you to an ancient town surrounded by towering mountains and ensure you see the highlights.

Most Popular Lijiang Attractions

Old Town of Lijiang

Lijiang was a former trading town and a stop for traders carrying goods on the Ancient Tea Horse Road. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The architecture of the old town is noteworthy for ..

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the deepest gorges on the planet, and it has the best hiking trail in the Lijiang area. Foreign backpackers started hiking in the area in the 1980s. Chinese: 虎�..

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the most southerly snowcapped mountain in the Northern Hemisphere. It is famous for its variant and beautiful natural scenes, and is considered a sacred mountain among the local Nax..

Impression Lijiang

Performance of Impression Lijiang Impression Lijiang is a magnificent outdoor singing and dancing performance demonstrating the tradition and lifestyle of the local ethnic people. It is another creation of fam..

Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake Lugu Lake, at the border between Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces and about 200 kilometers (124 miles) from Lijiang city, is an alpine lake renowned for its stunning scenery and unique Mosuo culture. Lu..

The Mural in Baisha Village

Overview Baisha Old Town is one of the oldest towns in Lijiang. It is the earliest settlement of the Naxi people and is the birthplace of "Tusi", chief of the Mu clan. In the town there are many anci..

Jade Spring Park

Summery Jade Spring Park shows visitors picturesque scenery with a large crystal pool, luxuriant trees, a tall mountain and historic buildings in graceful shapes. Overview Jade Spring Park Jade Spring Park,..

Shuhe Ancient Town

Shuhe Ancient Town is the earliest habitation of the Naxi ancestors. It is also an important and well-preserved post of the Ancient Tea Horse Route, an international trade route in Southwest China that uses the..

Dongba Museum

Overview Yushui Village Dongba Museum is Sort of like an active museum in the Yushui Village Scenic Area with people who are transmitting the Dongba culture and hieroglyphic writing system to students and vis..

First Bend of the Yangtze River

Features 1. Interesting scenery and historic site. 2. Visit the Naxi town of Shiguzhen and shop. 3. Watch the local people shop, trade and work. 4. Hike around and go on the river in boats. 5. Visit the memori..

The Mufu Wood Mansion

The Mufu Mansion A large reconstructed palace and castle on a hill overlooking Lijiang's Old Town. The large wooden structure is extensively decorated. People can walk around in it and see something of..

Lashi Lake and Zhiyun Temple

Summary Lashi Lake is the first Wetland nature reserve in Yunnan Province. It is suitable for sightseeing and bird watching. Introduction Covering an area of 5330 hectares, Lashi Lake is a parad..

Baoshan Stone Village

Baoshan Stone Village is a village on a giant stone. All of the houses and furniture in the village are made of stones. Features Baoshan Stone Village Baoshan Stone Village is located in the Jinshajiang Ri..

Baishui River

Overview Located near Yunshanping, the north-east slope of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang Ancient Town, Baishui (White Water) River is actually a mountain stream, featuring pure, clear and ic..

Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan National Park

The large ecotourism preserve is a UNESCO listed national park in the mountains of Yunnan Province. Diverse flora and fauna, rugged landscape, and four major rivers distinguish this area.

Stone Drum Town

Overview At the base of the mountain flanking the First Bay of the Yangtze, stands a small town called Stone Drum Town. This town derives its name from a white marble carved monument in the shape of a drum, (d..