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Fuxing Park

Fuxing Park

Written by Candice SongUpdated Nov. 24, 2023

For those interested in the vestiges of the French colonial era, Fuxing Park is a good place to take in. This once private park of the Ming Dynasty was re-opened during the French Concession era in 1909, and is now accessible to any visitor. It is suitable for both young and old visitors and will provide a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle that characterizes Shanghai.

  • Chinese: 复兴公园 Fùxīng Gōngyuán /foo-sshing gong-ywen/ 'Revival Park'
  • Area: 10 hectares (25 acres)
  • Opened in: 1909
Tai Chi in Fuxing Park Tai-chi in Fuxing Park
  • Popular activities: tai-chi, walking, relaxation
  • Must sees: the Statue of Marx and Engels, the flowerbeds
  • Suited to: young, families with children, history lovers, travelers still suffering from jetlag... anyone
  • Time needed: an hour or so


The Marx and Engels Statue

Fuxing Park The Statue of Marx and Engels

In the northern part of Fuxing Park, the visitor can find the statue of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Built in 1985, the statue is 6.4m tall and has a weight of 70 tons. The statues' purpose was to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Engels' death.

The Flowerbeds

Among the attractions we can find the 'Mattress' flowerbed, the rose garden, the camellia flowerbed, as well as the azalea flowerbed. Those who choose to have a walk are sure to be enchanted by the rose garden.

Located in the center of Fuxing Park, the 'Mattress' flowerbed has different seasonal looks, which are usually arranged into various patterns by gardeners. A colorful fountain is also situated in the middle of the 'Mattress' flowerbed.

More than 10,000 trees of 140 species have been planted in Fuxing Park in recent years, highlighted by sycamores, buckeyes, and maples, which provide shade for visitors on hot days. Such places of repose and shade are very much required when visiting Shanghai, especially during the summer when the temperature is high.


Fuxing Gonguuan Garden Arch in Fuxing Park

The park was originally a private garden in the Ming Dynasty. The French took it after the Opium War and had added more French elements to it, making it the only French-style garden in Shanghai. However, little of the colonial-era remnants left, and today the park become a very popular entertaining place for the locals.

Neighboring Fuxing Central Road to the south, Chongqing South Road to the east and Sinan Road to the west, Fuxing Park has three gates: the South Gate, the North Gate, and the West Gate.


Younger visitors can enjoy the bumper cars and carousel while adults can feast in one of the many restaurants.

  • Restaurants (nearby)
  • Nightclubs (nearby)
  • Carousel and bumper cars for children
  • Toilets

Travel Essentials

  • Address: 105 Yandang Street, Luwan District
  • Open: 6 AM – 8 PM
  • Transport: Buses 2, 17, 36 and 42 can take you there, or subway line 10 to Xintiandi.

Nearby Attractions

The Former Residence of Dr. Sun Yat Sen

Fuxing Park Fuxing Park

Sun Yat-sen is the founder of the Republic of China. He played a great role in the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and dedicated his life to transforming China. His residence was opened to the public in 1988, and is listed as one of the Key State preserved cultural locations in China.

The Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party

The First National Congress took place in July 1921. It has been turned into a museum that has exhibits showcasing the history of China, the history of Shanghai and the history of the Communist Party. Everything is placed as it was 84 years ago creating an imposing atmosphere for the visitor.

Huaihai Road

Fuxing Park is very near to one of the most famous shopping streets in Shanghai, Huaihai Road, both of which went through great changes in the 20th century, showcasing the different commercial and cultural landscapes of Shanghai together.

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