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Lingering Garden - Famous for Its Striking Architecture

The Lingering Garden is one of nine "Classical Gardens of Suzhou" on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and praised as one of China's four famous gardens. It is a classic example of the Qing Dynasty's garden landscaping.

  • Chinese: 留园 Liú Yuán / lyoh ywen/ ' Lingering Garden '
  • Area: 2.3 hectares (5.6 acres)
  • Popular activities: walking, photography
  • Suited to: the people who love traditional Chinese architecture and gardens
  • Time needed: 1½–2 hours

The Highlights of the Garden

Lingering GardenLingering Garden

The garden measures about 23,000 square meters or 5.6 acres. It is divided into four distinctly themed sections that are called East Garden, Central Garden, West Garden, and North Garden. In this garden, you will be amazed by its striking architecture, perfectly combined corridors, artificial hills, rocks, and water features.

The Central Garden is the oldest part, and it has buildings around a pond. The Eastern Garden has the miniature mountain called Shi Ping Peak that is modeled after Tiantai Mountain in Putao.

The garden also showcases demonstrations of two UNESCO Intangible World Heritages called Pingtan (评弹) and Guqin music.

Pingtan music is a style of Classical music in which singers sing and talk. It may be performed by solo performers or by two performers. The singers may provide their own accompaniment with hand-held percussion such as clappers () or a drum. In some way, it is like rap music.

In contrast, Guqin music isn't primarily vocal music. It is instrumental music played on a traditional instrument called the guqin that has about 7 strings and that can be played in a variety of ways. It is like a harp or a Japanese koto ().

The Best Time for a Visit

Lingering Garden

The best time to visit Lingering Garden is in spring when the weather is pleasant and the garden is full of vibrant trees and beautiful flowers.

You'd better to visit the garden on a weekday as it will be less crowded than on a weekend.

Travel Essentials for Planning a Trip

  • Location: 338 Liu Yuan Road, Jin Chang District
  • Transport: You can take Tourist Bus No. 1 or 2 or take Bus No. 54, 85, or 406.
  • Open: 7:30am–5pm
  • Entrance fee: 55 yuan (Jan, Feb, Mar, Jun, Nov, and Dec); 45 yuan (Apr, May, Jul, Aug, Sep, and Oct)

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Lingering Garden

Lingering Garden is a classic Chinese garden with rich history and culture. Traveling with a professional guide is advisable. We are more than happy to offer a guide service and tailor-make a tour for you.

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