The Top 12 China Ski Resorts
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The Top 12 China Ski Resorts

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Skiing is the classic sport for snowy winters. The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games makes us keenly expectant about China's skiing future. Glide freely through beautiful snowscapes with the wind singing and flakes of snow flying — you deserve a fun break this coming winter.

China ski resorts are mainly located in four areas: around Harbin, around Beijing, around Chengdu, and the remote north (Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang).

For experienced skiers, the resorts in Yabuli (Club Med), Zhangjiakou near Beijing (Genting, Thaiwoo, and Wanlong), and Changbaishan (Jilin Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort) are more recommended for their up-to-date facilities, friendly service, and large scale.  

For those who just want to have some skiing fun and sightseeing nearby, you can consider the resorts around Beijing, Chengdu, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang. The facilities and service in these areas are more suitable for beginners.

Map for China Ski Resorts

How to Choose Your Ideal Ski Resort

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced, skier or snowboarder, you can find a ski resort that will satisfy you. Besides skiing, there are many other winter sports and activities available as well in and around each resort to enrich your fun experience, like hot springs and theme parks.

We've covered them by region first, then in more detail in the same order further below, so that you can easily find what you're interested in.

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Harbin — excellent skiing + top winter attractions

If you plan to experience the ice festival in Harbin this winter, we suggest extending by 2–4 days to have fun in Yabuli Ski Resort, Jilin Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort or Beidahu Ski Resort (Jilin). The snow in these resorts is natural and you can enjoy great fun in a world of ice and snow.

Beijing — most sights, top resorts, Winter Olympic venues

If you work around Beijing and would like to ski nearby for a short break, Nanshan Ski Resort and Huaibei Ski Resort are good options.

If you wish to experience skiing in one of the 2022 Winter Olympic venues, consider Zhangjiakou Genting Ski Resort, Zhangjiakou Thaiwoo Ski Resort or Zhangjiakou Wanlong Ski Resort. They're all located in Chongli District in Zhangjiakou Prefecture, Hebei Province.

Getting to Chongli Resorts from Beijing: A high-speed train could transport you from Beijing (Qinghe Station) to Zhangjiakou in 1 hour (excluding train station check-in time). We can also arrange private transfers (about 3 hours), which could be quicker all told, as well as easier.

For more Beijing options see The Top Ski Resorts around Beijing.

Chengdu — stunning scenery, many attractions, good resorts

If you work in Sichuan and don't want to travel far, consider Chengdu Bipenggou Ski Resort and Xiling Ski Resort. Bipenggou is 3½ hours by car from Chengdu and Xiling takes around 2 hours.

Of course, there's much more to attract you to Chengdu than just the skiing: pandas, glacier hikes, Sichuan food and culture...

The Remote North — quiet snowy vistas, skiing escapes

Want to be far from most travelers? No problem. Tianshan International Ski Resort in Xinjiang and Alshan Ski Resort in Inner Mongolia will welcome you with their professional equipment and friendly smiles.

1.Harbin Yabuli Ski Resort


Yabuli Ski Resort is the oldest ski resort and the largest comprehensive snow sports training center in China. Because it is near Harbin, you can combine skiing and attending Harbin's Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival (the world's biggest winter festival).

Yabuli Ski Resort is also about 2 hours' drive from the fairytale world of China Snow Town. China Snow Town was once just called ‘Shuangfeng Forest Farm, Hailin City'. About 280 km from Harbin, in this area the snow falls early, from October each year, and the snowy period is long — more than 7 months. It is a desirable winter destination, with the heaviest snow and most (non-sport) snow activities in China.

In Yabuli, only Club Med's resort service is recommended, as others are very crowded, with comparatively older equipment and smaller size.

Recommended tours

Travel with us at China Highlights to have a leisurely and romantic snow adventure individually designed for you.

2. Jilin Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort

Raft in Changbaishan

"Changbai Mountain International Ski Resort is the best new ski resort in the world!", said Henri Giscard d'Estaing, the CEO of Club Med. 

Designed by Ecosign, a Canadian company which also designed Winter Olympics  venues five times, Changbai Mountain International Ski Resort is the only volcano ski resort in China. It has a total of 43 ski trails: 9 high-level, 14 intermediate, and 20 beginner trails. It can accommodate 8,000 skiers at the same time.

You can take cable cars to reach the piste tops easily. At sunset, take a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee on top of the mountain.

Why this ski resort?

Recommended tour:

Your trip could also be tailor-made. Please tell us your interests and requirements, and we will customize a trip for you.

3. Beidahu Ski Resort (Jilin)

Rime in Jilin

Why this ski resort?

Tips: If skiing is your main interest, then choose this place. Otherwise we would recommend Yabuli or Changbaishan for more varied tour experiences. Contact us if you need any help with a Beidahu trip.

4. Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

Ski Sites

Why this ski resort?

Contact us to get more useful suggestions about travel in Beijing with families or to customize a Beijing skiing and hot spring trip.

5. Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort

The Great Wall

Why Huaibei Ski Resort?

6. Zhangjiakou Genting Ski Resort

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The ski resort is planned to have 88 ski slopes, 70 km in total length. Last winter (2019/20), there were 41 ski trails open, including 13 advanced pistes, 20 intermediate trails, 2 beginner slopes, and 6 wild trails and snow parks. 

Why Genting Ski Resort?

7. Zhangjiakou Thaiwoo Ski Resort

Zhangjiakou Thaiwoo Ski Resort

Why Thaiwoo Ski Resort?

Tips: Thaiwoo Ski Resort is at the draught, thus the wind there is comparatively stronger than other places.

8. Zhangjiakou Wanlong Ski Resort 

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Wanlong Ski Resort has been concentrating on providing a pro-level skiing experience. There are only a few primary slopes, thus it is not so recommended for beginners. If you're an advanced skier, Wanlong is a great option.

We have specially designed our 6-Day Beijing Winter Tour with Skiing for those who would like to discover Beijing with winter's charm and ski in a 2022 Olympic Winter Games venue. Thaiwoo can be swapped for another resort. Enjoy limitless customization with us.

9. Chengdu Xiling Ski Resort

Featuring the highest snow-capped peak near Chengdu, the Xiling Snow Mountain area is praised as the Oriental Alps. There are 10 world-standard snow trails and more than 20 snow entertainment activities in the resort. It is a big snow playground and a good place for skiing.

Besides a natural skiing resort, the Xiling Snow Mountain area is a good habitat for giant pandas with dense bamboo forest. Chengdu is the hometown of giant pandas with many nearby panda bases, so you should not a miss panda encounter during a Chengdu vacation. See our suggested panda tours. They can all be customized to include skiing.

Tips: Being one of the best resorts and the nearest big ski resort to Chengdu, Xiling Ski Resort has become more and more crowded. Waiting in a queue for 1–2 hours in peak times like weekends is common. If you don't mind taking a 3-hour car ride from Chengdu, we recommend Bipenggou Ski Resort for less crowding and its wonderful hot spring.

Top recommended tour:

10. Chengdu Bipenggou Ski Resort

Hot spring in Guer Gou

Why Bipenggou Ski Resort?

Though the service and experience in Bipenggou is good, it has only one slope, which is mainly for fun, not for professional training.

If you come for a pre-ski-season visit, Bipenggou Valley is also a good place to see the red leaves in autumn (September to October).

Top recommended tour:

11. Inner Mongolia Alshan Ski Resort

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Embraced by mountains and primary forests, Alshan Ski Resort is on the China/ Mongolia border in Inner Mongolia. The nearest airport to the ski resort is Arxan Yi'ershi Airport, about 27 km away, with direct flights from Beijing, Harbin, and Hohhot.

Alshan Ski Resort is a large multi-functional snow sports playground, consisting of two parts: the West Hill Skiing Competition and Training Ground and the East Hill Skiing Area, which is just for fun activities. The snow trails are seamlessly connected with the hot spring area, offering a perfect blend of cold and hot experiences. 

The annual Alshan Ice and Snow Festival is held in Alshan City around the middle of December. Contact us for an "ice and fire" trip.

Within 5 hours' driving from Alshan, you can reach Hulunbuir where the Winter Naadam (the Ice and Snow Naadam) is held. In 2020, it is from December 23rd to 26th. If you have a week-long holiday around Christmas, attending Winter Naadam to be close to the primitive nomadic people in Inner Mongolia will be an unforgettable experience.

12. Xinjiang Tianshan International Ski Resort

Tianshan (‘Heavenly Mountain') International Ski Resort is located at the foot of the famous Heavenly Lake Scenic Area. Featuring the biggest ski equipment hall in China, covering an area of 21,000 square meters (226,000 sq ft), Tianshan International Ski Resort is the largest resort in Xinjiang Province.

With a total length of 4.4 km, the three independent ski trails extend down the Tianshan Mountains, which is one of the most picturesque mountain ranges in China. Its Track 1 is 1.8 km long, the longest professional ski track in Xinjiang.

The snowboard halfpipe in the resort is Xinjiang's only snow track certified by the International Snow Federation, and it is also one of the most visually pleasing snowboard halfpipes in the world. In addition, the ski resort offers freestyle jumping, alpine skiing, horse riding, and other interesting snow sports and activities.

A one-day skiing experience based out of Urumqi is no problem if you only want a short trip. Contact us for more.

Xinjiang is a good destination for a winter snow trip. If you would not be satisfied with only the fun in the beautiful ski resort, Kanas, a place like an ink painting, will satisfy your senses with wonder. Let us tailor a Xinjiang trip for you.

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