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Top 12 China Ski Resorts: Family, Intermediate or Advanced skiers

China is experiencing a boom in skiing and snowboarding. By 2022 when the Winter Olympics was held in Beijing, China has over 770 ski resorts, and many are newly built or renovated with modern facilities. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced skier, you can find ski resorts that will satisfy you in China.

Glide freely through beautiful snowscapes with the wind singing and flakes of snow flying — you deserve a fun break this coming winter.

So, what are the best and largest ski resorts in China? Which ones are more suitable for snowboarding? Which are suitable for a family holiday? This article will give you a brief introduction to 12 well-selected ski resorts for foreigners in China complete with guidelines for finding a suitable ski resort for you.

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How to Choose Your Ideal Ski Resort in China

China Ski Resorts Map

The ski resorts in China are mainly located in the northern and western parts: around Harbin, near Beijing, and in Xinjiang due to the naturally-suitable weather conditions with plenty of snow in winter. The skiing season there lasts for around 4–5 months (from early November to late March or April).

If you're looking for excellent skiing and top winter attractions, like attending the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival and exploring the Snow Village, then choose ski resorts near Harbin and Jilin:

  • Yabuli Ski Resort (Club Med Yabuli): It is family-friendly with great winter activities, children's fun, and festive spirit. It is 1½ hours by train or 3 hours by car from Harbin.
  • Jilin Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort: It is family-friendly as well, but around 7 hours by car from Harbin. From Changbaishan Airport, it is around 30 minutes by free shuttle bus ride.
  • Vanke Songhua Lake Ski Resort: It has a skiing school especially for children from 3–6 years old, but it is far from Harbin and doesn't have many things to do nearby.
  • Beidahu Ski Resort (Club Med Beidahu) in Jilin: It has excellent powder snow conditions, which is particularly suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers. If skiing is your main interest, then choose this place. Otherwise, we would recommend Yabuli or Wanda Changbaishan for a more varied tour experience.
Skiing in China

If you're planning a trip to Beijing, Chengdu, or Urumqi in Xinjiang with 2-3 days of skiing added in this winter holiday, then choosing one of the ski resorts near these destinations will help reduce transport time and cost.


From Beijing, you can go to Zhangjiakou with 3 hours' drive to experience skiing in one of the 2022 Winter Olympics competition clusters.




  • Xiling Ski Resort: It is one of the best resorts and the nearest big ski resort to Chengdu. The skiing experience could not be compared with that in Harbin or Changbaishan.

1. Harbin Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort is not a single resort: it consists of over 10 small ski resorts, lying on three mountains with altitudes ranging from 1,000 to 1,374 meters (3,280–4,508 ft). Among them all, Sun Mountain Ski Resort, where China's first Club Med is located, is the most popular one for its friendly trails and up-to-date facilities. Other resorts in Yabuli are very crowded, with comparatively older equipment or smaller sizes.

A great reason for skiing in Yabuli is that you are able to ski on the three mountains (over 49 trails) while staying in one of the resorts there.

  • Features: the oldest, largest, and best ski resort in China — China's first Club Med
  • Location: 1½ hours by train or 3 hours by car from Harbin
  • Skiing season: mid-November – late March
  • Vertical drop: 918 m (3,012 ft)
  • Trails: 49 trails (7 beginners, 25 intermediate, 10 advanced, and 7 expert)
  • Facilities: equipped with high-speed heated gondolas, chairlifts, and magic carpets
  • Snowboarding: It hosted the 2016 Snowboarding World Championships.
  • Ski-in ski-out: Yes
  • Suitable for: all, particularly experienced skiers

Other Things to Do at Yabuli Ski Resort Beyond Skiing:

With its convenient location near Harbin, you can combine skiing and the Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival (the world's biggest winter festival) together. It is also 2 hours drive from the fairytale world of China Snow Town — a desirable winter destination, with the heaviest snow and most (non-sport) snow activities in China.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive Club Med skiing tour in Yabuli with a private English-speaking guiding service and sightseeing nearby, our 7-Day Harbin, Yabuli, China Snow Town, and Jilin Tour can be a good choice.

2. Jilin Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort

Skiing in China

Changbai Mountain International Ski Resort is more like a snow theme park. It is well-designed for winter relaxation and has plenty of choices of hotels, from luxury 6-star to economy hostels. The free warm-up instructors, skiing assistants, and safety assistants help to bring you a friendly and relaxing winter escape.

The most challenging trail at Jilin Wanda is the Heilong ('Black Dragon') trail, with a maximum slope of 36.7°. It looks more like a ski jump ramp if you look down from the top. It's best to ski in the morning, as this trail gets severely icy after the sunshine gets on it.

Changbaishan ski resort is easily reachable, with flights from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changchun, Xi'an, and Harbin.

  • Features: the second largest ski resort in China, a crater-shaped maze of trails that's sheltered from the wind
  • Location: 30 minutes by free shuttle bus ride from Changbaishan Airport (IATA code: NBS)
  • Skiing season: mid-November – April
  • Vertical drop: 390 m (1,280 ft)
  • Trails: 43 trails (20 beginners, 14 intermediate, 9 advanced)
  • Facilities: 5 chair lifts, 2 high-speed heated gondolas, and 12 magic carpets
  • Ski-in ski-out: yes
  • Night Skiing: 16:00–21:00
  • Suitable for: all, particularly beginner-to-intermediate skiers as well as families and friends to have winter fun

Other Things to Do at Jilin Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort Beyond Skiing:

Rafting on a Hot Spring River in ChangbaishanRafting on a Hot Spring River in Changbaishan
  1. China's first and biggest ski town was built at the Jilin Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort. It is the first ski resort equipped with various restaurants, shops, a cinema, karaoke, and a hot spring, making it a great place to relax for both skiers and non-skiers.
  2. The café on the main mountain peak is the most-visited place. Take a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee at sunset and appreciate the snowy kingdom.
  3. You can admire the amazing winter snow scenery of Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve. Changbaishan is the only place in China offering raft rides on a hot spring river with gorgeous rime on both sides. Don't be afraid of getting wet. The water will freeze immediately after falling on the rubber boat!
  4. If you have a one-week holiday, you could have a driving journey from Harbin to Changbaishan, passing through China Snow Town (a magical snow fairyland) and Jingpo Lake (to see local-style winter fishing).

Contact us at China Highlights to have a leisurely and romantic snow adventure individually designed for you.

3. Beidahu Ski Resort (Jilin)

Beidahu Ski Resort

Thanks to its unique climate and variable terrain, Beidahu Ski Resort is one of the resorts that have the best snow quality in China.

It is also a designated ski training resort for the national skiing team, chosen for its high-level facilities. The 2.3-km (1.4-mile) Lianggang trail (N7) is a must-try for advanced skiers. It has no guardrails, a dense forest trail, and open views. If the weather allows, you can enjoy amazing rime along this trail.

China's second ski-themed Club Med is located there, where you can enjoy their all-inclusive service for an even more enjoyable ski holiday.

  • Features: the biggest vertical drop in Asia; "a kingdom of powder snow"; training center for national ski sports, rime landscapes
  • Location: 2 hours by car from Changchun Longjia International Airport (CGQ); 1½ hours by car from Jilin Railway Station
  • Skiing season: mid-November – April
  • Vertical drop: 850 m (2,789 ft)
  • Trails: 22 trails (5 beginners, 11 intermediate, 6 advanced)
  • Facilities: 3 chair lifts, 2 gondolas, 1 drag lift, and 4 magic carpets
  • Ski-in ski-out: yes
  • Night Skiing: yes
  • Suitable for: all, particularly intermediate to advanced skiers
  • Cons: not for beginners, not family-friendly

Contact us for updated travel information

4. Vanke Lake Songhua Ski Resort (Jilin)

Vanke Lake Songhua Ski Resort

Close to Jilin city (15 km / 9 miles away), Vanke Lake Songhua Ski Resort caters to different levels of skiers with up-to-date facilities, variable terrains, and quality snow. It is also a family-friendly ski resort equipped with a ski town and a kid's school especially for children from 3–6 years old.

The 5.23-km (3.25-mile) long Romantic trail for beginners is definitely worth a try. Snowboarders are amazed at the newly opened terrain park, while the many ungroomed trails and giant slalom trail satisfy experienced skiers.

  • Features: easy to reach, self-service, kids' school (3–6 years old), more affordable apartment hotels
  • Location: 1½ hours by car from Changchun Longjia International Airport (CGQ); 40 minutes by car from Jilin Railway Station
  • Skiing season: mid-November – March
  • Vertical drop: 605 m (1,985 ft)
  • Trails: 37 trails including many ungroomed trails
  • Facilities: 6 chair lifts, 2 gondolas, and 8 magic carpets
  • Ski-in ski-out: Yes
  • Night skiing: 18:00–21:00
  • Suitable for: all, particularly family holidays

Other Things to Do at Lake Songhua Resort Beyond Skiing:

At the starting point of trail G1, the Viewing Platform in the Forest is a frequently visited site. There, you can take very nice pictures of Lake Songhua, enjoy the dazzling skills of experienced skiers, and appreciate the building itself, which is a work of art.

5. Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort is the largest ski resort with the most comprehensive range of ski trails near Beijing. It has China's first international standard half-pipe snowboard facility and Mogul ski trail.

The mini-park, kids' nursery, and ski learning trail make it a family-friendly resort. The Alpine-style café and wooden villas in the resort bring you the atmosphere of skiing in the Alps. All in all, Nanshan Ski Resort is a perfect day trip destination for visitors and residents of Beijing or families with children.

  • Features: largest ski resort close to Beijing, family-friendly
  • Location: 1½ hours' driving from downtown Beijing
  • Skiing season: mid-December – March
  • Vertical drop: 390 m (1,280 ft)
  • Trails: 26 trails (12 beginners, 8 intermediate, 4 advanced, 1 Mellow Park, 1 mini-park)
  • Facilities: 3 chair lifts, 13 drag lifts, and 9 magic carpets
  • Night skiing: 18:00–21:30
  • Snowboarding: yes, at the Mellow Park
  • Suitable for: all, especially for beginners, advanced skiers, and snowboarders
  • Cons: the intermediate and advanced trails are comparatively narrow

Other Things to Do at Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort Beyond Skiing:

Snow-capped Mutianyu Great WallSnow-capped Mutianyu Great Wall

On the way to the resort, you can visit the Mutianyu Great Wall section — our most recommended Great Wall section. And you can also relax in Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort after skiing, with countless indoor and outdoor hot spring pools of various sizes and temperatures.

Contact us to get more useful suggestions about travel in Beijing with families or to customize a Beijing skiing and hot spring trip.

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6. Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort

Huaibei Ski Resort

Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort is the only ski resort surrounded by the Great Wall and is considered to be "the most beautiful ski resort in Beijing". You can enjoy Mutianyu's Great Wall — the most child-friendly Great Wall section, while on a skiing trip.

  • Features: surrounded by Mutianyu's Great Wall
  • Location: 1½ hours' driving from downtown Beijing
  • Skiing season: December – March
  • Vertical drop: 238 m (780 ft)
  • Trails: 11 trails (2 beginners, 8 intermediate, 1 advanced)
  • Facilities: 3 chair lifts, 1 drag lift, and 4 magic carpets
  • Ski-in ski-out: yes
  • Night Skiing: 17:30–22:30
  • Suitable for: all, especially for beginners and intermediate skiers
  • Cons: the chair lifts are comparatively slow, snowmaking is not frequent

Other Things to Do at Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort Beyond Skiing:

Thanks to its location in Jiugukou Natural Scenic Area's beautiful mountains and valleys, in addition to skiing, you can do rock climbing, camping, and Great Wall hiking from the resort. It is a resort for all seasons.

7. Zhangjiakou Wanlong Ski Resort

Zhangjiakou Wanlong Ski Resort

Zhangjiakou Wanlong Ski Resort is the earliest large-scale ski resort in Zhangjiakou and offers the longest skiing period. The resort is more like a specialist center, concentrating on providing a pro-level skiing experience, so it's a great choice for advanced skiers.

The resort offers stable snow quality or good quality powder snow, and there's one improved wild snow forest area worth a try.

The service at Wanlong Ski Resort is very considerate, with a spacious ski hall, free storage of ski kits, free facial tissues, and plenty of charging stations. And every day at around 15:00, you can taste free ginger tea, hot chocolate, and cookies. The food there is known as 'the Michelin in the snowfield' — tasty but affordable.

  • Features: earliest big ski resort, a great reputation, tasty food, and warm service
  • Location: 33 km (around 80 mins) from Zhangjiakou Railway Station; 220 km (around 2½ hours) from Beijing
  • Skiing season: late October to early May
  • Vertical drop: 554 m (1,818 ft)
  • Trails: 32 trails (6 beginners, 4 intermediate, 22 advanced)
  • Facilities: 7 chair lifts and 3 magic carpets
  • Ski-in ski-out: yes
  • Suitable for: all, especially for intermediate to advanced skiers
  • Cons: country-style decoration from the 1990s, lift tickets are comparatively dearer than other resorts in Zhangjiakou, it's crowded whenever it's open (only two ski trails are open: intermediate and high-level), limited snow parks, not family-friendly

8. Zhangjiakou Genting Ski Resort

Zhangjiakou Genting Ski Resort

Designated as a 2022 Winter Olympics competition venue, Zhangjiakou Genting Ski Resort is knowns for its varied terrain, wild snow trails and parks, large U-shaped ramps, and multiple elements that bring more skiing fun with high-level facilities for intermediate and advanced skiers. You can keep a close watch on how the national skiing team is trained there.

Sharing the same mountain peak, Genting Ski Resort cooperates with Wanlong Ski Resort next door offering a joint lift ticket, with skiing from Chinese Dragon Trail in Wanlong to Lavender Trail (6B) in Genting or vice versa.

The Lavender Trail (6B) is considered to be 'king of the trails' in Genting, with no wind, no ice, a moderate slope, and a wide and straight slope — a holy trail for many experienced skiers.

District 22 is regarded as the "God's Back Garden", as it has fewer connecting roads and is equipped with an independent chair lift (line 22). The 1.9-km (1.2-mile) Thyme Trail (22D) is a must-try for intermediate skiers to practice and improve on.

  • Features: one of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games venues, comfortable experience, plenty of hotel rooms
  • Location: 4 km (2½ miles) from Zhangjiakou Railway Station; about 220 km (2½ hours) from Beijing
  • Skiing season: late November – late March
  • Vertical drop: 398 m (1,305 ft)
  • Trails: 41 trails (2 beginners, 20 intermediate, 13 advanced, and 6 wild trails and snow parks)
  • Facilities: 5 high-speed heated gondolas and chair lifts and 3 magic carpets
  • Ski-in ski-out: yes
  • Snowboarding: yes
  • Suitable for: all, especially for intermediate and advanced skiers

9. Zhangjiakou Thaiwoo Ski Resort

Zhangjiakou Thaiwoo Ski Resort

The newly-built Thaiwoo Ski Resort lies on Yushi Liang ('Jade Peak') with an altitude of 2,160 m (7,086 ft) and is recognized as Zhangjiakou's "Golden Zone for Alpine Sports".

This resort has a human-centered design with separate skiing zones for different levels to avoid unnecessary collisions and to provide the best skiing experience. It is rich in options for food, entertainment, and accommodations, providing a great atmosphere for family gatherings and team building.

A skiing school under the Switzerland system provides professional ski training courses.

  • Features: separate zones for different levels, Western-style holiday atmosphere, amazing nightlife and night views, shops for international first-rate snow wear brands
  • Location: 4 km (2½ miles) from Zhangjiakou Railway Station (nearest station); 3 hours' drive from Beijing
  • Skiing season: mid-November – late March
  • Vertical drop: 510 m (1,673 ft)
  • Trails: 31 trails including 3 expert tails (double black)
  • Facilities: 6 high-speed heated gondolas or chair lifts and 13 magic carpets
  • Suitable for: all, especially for family vacations
  • Cons: located in an exposed location with comparatively stronger winds than in other places; cable car transfers are comparatively slow; the 8-person gondola caters to only 6 people at a time with the other two seats fitted with heavy weights for wind attenuation

We have specially designed a 6-Day Beijing Winter Tour with Skiing in Thaiwoo Ski Resort for those who would like to discover Beijing's winter charm and ski at a 2022 Olympic Winter Games venue. Thaiwoo can be swapped for another resort. Enjoy limitless customization with us.

10. Chengdu Xiling Ski Resort

Chengdu Xiling Ski Resort

Featuring the highest snow-capped peak near Chengdu, the Xiling Snow Mountain area is praised as 'the Oriental Alps of South China'. It is a big snow playground and a good place for skiing.

  • Features: China's best lofty-mountain ski resort, more like a snow amusement park, instead of an area dedicated to skiing
  • Location: Xiling Snow Mountain, 2 hours' driving from Chengdu
  • Skiing season: Mid-December to March
  • Trails: 6 trails (5 beginners, 2 intermediate, 1 advanced, and 1 snowboard)
  • Facilities: 1 chair lift, 1 gondola, and 5 drag lifts or magic carpets
  • Night skiing: 19:00–21:00
  • Suitable for: all, especially for beginners and intermediate skiers
  • Cons: crowded during peak skiing season; waiting in a queue for 1–2 hours in peak times (weekends, holidays…) is common

Other Things to Do at Chengdu Xiling Ski Resort:

Let cute pandas warm your heart after skiingLet cute pandas warm your heart after skiing.

Besides being a natural ski resort, the Xiling Snow Mountain area is a good habitat for giant pandas with dense bamboo forests. Chengdu is the hometown of giant pandas with many nearby panda bases, so you should not a miss panda encounter during a Chengdu vacation. See our suggested panda tours. They can all be customized to include skiing.

Being one of the best resorts and the nearest big ski resort to Chengdu, Xiling Ski Resort has become more and more crowded. If you don't mind taking a 3-hour car ride from Chengdu, we recommend Bipenggou Ski Resort for less crowding and its wonderful hot spring.

RecommendedSkiing Tours near Chengdu:

11. Silk Road Ski Resort (Urumqi)

Silk Road Ski Resort

Known as the "warmest ski resort in China", Silk Road Ski Resort has the top two most challenging trails in China: the Xuan Zang trail and the Ai Wen trail, with maximum slopes reaching 37° and 36°.

You can buy two types of lift tickets: the alpine area for advanced and intermediate skiers and the beginners' area.

  • Features: closest to Urumqi city, a 4A scenic area at the foot of Tianshan (Heavenly Mountain)
  • Location: 1 hour's drive from Urumqi
  • Skiing season: early November – late March
  • Vertical drop: 700 m (2,297 ft)
  • Trails: 12 trails (3 beginners, 2 intermediate, 6 advanced, and 1 under construction)
  • Facilities: 2 high-speed heated gondolas, 4 chair lifts, and 2 magic carpets
  • Night skiing: 19:00–22:30
  • Ski-in ski-out: yes
  • Suitable for: all, especially for advanced skiers

Other Things to Do at Silk Road Ski Resort Beyond Skiing:

The ski resort is located inside Tianshan National Forest Park and is itself a scenic spot at the foot of Heavenly Mountain. You can take the cable car up to enjoy the snowy mountain views, soak in a hot spring to relax, visit a small museum of meteorites, walk among the poplar trees, or have fun in a local film or TV town.

Xinjiang is a good destination for a winter snow trip. If you would not be satisfied with only the fun of a beautiful ski resort, Kanas, a place like an ink painting, will satisfy your senses with wonder. Let us tailor a Xinjiang trip for you.

12. Jiangjun Hill Ski Resort (Altay)

Skiing in China

If you are looking for sunny days, light winds, natural powder snow, and wild adventure, then Jiangjun Hill Ski Resort in Altay, Xinjiang is the right place to go. Altay receives abundant snow for more than 179 days each year, giving skiers the best quality snow experience.

Skiing on the N1 Trail, you can have a panoramic view of the whole ski resort or overlook Altay City. The N3 trail offers great views of the sunset and the seas of clouds. The newly opened south slope is more favored by snowboarders.

You will have a much better night skiing experience on the 3 km (1.86 miles) Jinguang Trail (Golden Light) with excellent visual effects but fewer people than in day time.

  • Features: best quality snow, China's only alpine ski resort connected to the city, a paradise for snowboarding
  • Location: 5-10 mins' drive from Altay city
  • Skiing season: November – April
  • Vertical drop: 460 m (1,510 ft)
  • Trails: 41 trails with mostly advanced ones
  • Facilities: 2 high speed heated gondola, 4 chair lifts, 1 drag lift, and 6 magic carpets
  • Night skiing: 19:00–23:00
  • Suitable for: all, especially advanced skiers
  • Cons: It's best to start before 10:00 am or after 11:30 am to avoid long lines for lift tickets and equipment rental.

Tips: For international skiers, there're limited hotels that are qualified to cater to international visitors. Contact our Xinjiang ski expert for suitable recommendations.

Ski Resort Near Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Changsha

China Ski Resort

Ski resorts near Chengdu and Shanghai are the secondary choices, often chosen for convenience by people living in central, eastern, and southern China. Due to temperature requirements, these ski resorts can only be found on high mountains, on a small scale, and are open for no more than 3 months (from late December to early March). The skiing trails are artificial snow combined with limited natural snow.

In major big cities like Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Changsha, a few indoor ski resorts (mostly Sunac Snow Worlds) are open all the year-round and are favored by local citizens who prefer not to travel far to the north or western China but still want to experience snow fun or to escape from the summer heat.

How to Plan Your Skiing Tour in China (Budget and Booking)

Apart from accommodation and transportation, the estimated cost for the lift tickets (basic ski resort cost) is around CN¥500 per person per day, which is quite similar to skiing in Japan or in France.

You will have plenty of choices of hotels inside the ski resorts with an average cost of CN¥2,000 (US$295) per room per night. In return, you will enjoy free lift tickets, hot spring tickets, or possibly one free lunch or dinner, etc. During skiing peak season, rooms can be overbooked quickly, and room rates in/near ski resorts can change daily.

So how far in advance you should book your ski tour?

For early birds, it is better to book the hotels and lift tickets in early November when most ski resorts are ready to open and the big discounts are offered. For popular destinations like Yabuli ski resort, better to book at before November to ensure the hotel rooms and acceptable rates.

China Highlights offers various tour options to provide you with the best skiing experience and a worry-free tour. Contact our China Ski experts for more information.

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