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5 Elements Analysis for Rabbit Year People

Five Elements Water Rabbits Wood Rabbits Fire Rabbits Earth Rabbits Gold Rabbits
Year of Birth 1963, 2023 1915, 1975 1927, 1987 1939, 1999 1951, 2011
Personalities gentle, amicable clever, quick-witted broad-minded, smart frank, hardworking kind-hearted, conservative
Rabbit - Chinese Zodiac Signs

Water Rabbits (1963, 2023)

People born in the Year of the Rabbit with the Water element agreeing are gentle and amicable, are able to adjust readily to different conditions, yet are easily influenced by others due to their weak mindset and principles.

They rely heavily on people they trust, and often feel depressed once they lose their dependence. As a result, they should learn to be independent.

Water Rabbits are fond of indulging themselves with all their bad habits; therefore, they are advised not to waste money on unnecessary social engagements, but to save it for a rainy day instead.

Wood Rabbits (1915, 1975)

People born in a Rabbit year corresponding to the Wood element are clever, quick-witted and good at making evil plans. They seem lively in appearance, but at heart are very shrewd and often argue with their friends over trivial things.

They are liable to abrupt mood swings; however, they are devoted to love. The shadow of pain will remain in their hearts for a long time if they are unable to be with the one they love.

Wood Rabbits are prone to be selfish in life, and attach great importance on an equitable distribution of everything. They would have a more harmonious family life and a smoother career if they could show more consideration for others.

Fire Rabbits (1927, 1987)

People for whom the Rabbit sign and the Fire element overlap are broad-minded, smart, and flexible with unique views. They work earnestly, and they were born to be leaders.

Not only do they know how to judge and use people, but they also know how to train different talents and pool them together making them good teachers in life.

Fire element Rabbit year people should not panic in times of unexpected trouble, such as a lack of money, and are recommended to purchase immovable properties and items of a high value at the beginning of the year.

Earth Rabbits (1939, 1999)

People born in an Earth element and Rabbit sign year are very frank and straightforward; however, they also give an impression of rudeness and stubbornness to others in action, so they should be slightly reserved.

They are very strict with themselves in work and rather ambitious in their career, therefore, they always change from one job to another. They are very hard working and always pay special attention to details, being willing to do something trivial but soon getting tired of it.

Earth Rabbits actually have an excellent physical quality although they look unhealthy in their appearance.

Gold Rabbits (1951, 2011)

People of the Gold element and Rabbit sign are kind-hearted and conservative, who don’t like cut-throat competition with others. They don’t like to make friends with those who are competitive or eager for quick success and instant benefits.

They are lively and enthusiastic, so have lots of friends from all walks of life, and those who are impersonal and stubborn are rarely friends with them.

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