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China's Top Hot Springs

Among the natural scenery, the hot springs intersperse between the mountains and lie beside the rivers, creating a heaven for the tourists not only to appreciate the scenery, but also get close to it and feel it. China has many famous hot springs, which have been the highlights of those scenic spots and attract nurmerous tourists every year.

Our China Highlights has shown you seven the most popular and famous hot springs in China. You can also contact us for a customised tour and have a special experience besides the natural scenery in China.

1. Zhongshan Hot Springs

Zhongshan Hot Springs is located in Sanxiang Town Zhongshan City, 26 km far from Macau. The architectural complex of Zhongshan Hot Springs is elegant as a place, showing the characteristic of Chinese architecture. The water is good with rich metasilicic acid, sulfide, and other trace elements and aperture water temperature up to 93 °C.

Recommended tour: Essence of Guangzhou and Shenzhen Tour (Contact us to have us customizing this tour, including visiting Zhongshan Hot Springs.)

2. Baekdu Mountain Hot Springs

  • Location: Changbai Mountains, in the northeast of China

Baekdu Mountain Hot Springs contains rich hydrogen sulfide and a variety of trace elements. It is called "miraculous water" with curative effect on gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, hypertension, heart diseases and gynecological disease. Most of the water of Baekdu Mountain Hot Springs' temperature is above 60 °C, and the hottest aperture is as high as 82 °C. It is a ideal place to recuperate and vacate.

3. Arxan Hot Springs

In Mongolian "Arxan" means "spring, spa". The Arxan Hot Springs is a famous mineral spring resort in Inner Mongolia. It covers about one square kilometers with over forty springs. The spring water temperature is different from each other with different chemical composition. The spring water has good curative effect to a variety of disease, especially for rheumatoid arthritis, proliferative disease such as psoriasis.

4. Nantian Hot Springs

Nantian Hot SpringsNantian Hot Springs
  • Location: Sanya, Hainan Province

The hot spring pools are spread with natural coconut trees in Nantian Hot Springs. The special Li and Miao minority features and the Bali-style are extremely attractive. The water contains a variety of minerals and trace elements, which are good for people's health. The throughput of Nantian Hot Springs is rare in the world. There are many physical therapy and spa projects and you will enjoy the fun.

5. Jiuhua Hot Springs Resort

  • Location: Changping District, Beijing

The water of Jiuhua hot springs is unique. It is sweet, light yellow and clear as a pot of golden soup. The water contains numerous minerals and trace elements. The unique radon element has good curative effect to pigmentation, arthritis and neurasthenia. It offers many kinds of herb hot spring bathing and traditional Chinese medicine health care massage.

6. Yangbajing Hot Springs

There are grand spouting springs, geysers, hot springs, boiling springs and hot water lakes in Yangbajing. Yangbajing Hot Springs are high altitude hot springs, with a total area of more than 7,000 square meters. The hot springs content rich mineral substance. It is a good treatment for a variety of diseases by taking spa there. In the early morning, the Yangbajing Hot Springs are always filled with white mist, which is fairyland on earth.

7. Hailuogou Hot Springs

Hailuogou Hot Springs are special for coexistent with glaciers. Though closing to glaciers, there are many hot springs thermal mineral springs and even boiling springs in Hailuogou. A great amount of boiling springs flow out with temperature up to 90 °C, which can be used for making tea and cooking eggs. The water is clear enough to drink. The Hailuogou Hot Springs have medical efficacy to a variety of skin diseases and arthritis and can quickly eliminate fatigue of tourists.

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