Mosques in Jinan

Mosques in Jinan

By Candice SongUpdated Oct. 2, 2021

Jinan North Mosque 济南清真北大寺

The Jinan North Mosque is one of the most famous masques in China. It was first built in the Hongzhi Period, Ming Dynasty(1368-1644). It is a holy place for Muslim people to do prayer, and also is an important center to learn Islam's religious activities.

The temple covers an area of about 5,400 square meters including constructed area 2,252 square meters of constructed area. It is a two-entrance courtyard. The major constructions are the main gate, second gate, prayer hall, side halls, moon building, teaching rooms and other facilities. All the constructions are ranged in an axis from east to west . The architectural design of the temple combines Chinese classical palace-style and Arabic architectural characteristic in a whole.

Address: Muslim Community, North entry of Yongchang Street, Xiguan District, Jinan (济南西关永长街北守回民小区中心) (see Jinan map)

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Jinan South Mosque 济南清真南大寺

The Jinan South Mosque was first built in Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368). The temple, covering an area of 6,330 square meters, is located in the west and opposite to the east. The major constructions are the main gate, moon building, prayer hall, bath house, teaching room, office room and other facilities. The moon building divide the whole yard into two small quadrangle courtyards. All the constructions are ranged in an axis.

Address: Libai Street, South entry of Yongchang Street, Shizhong District, Jinan (济南市中区永长街南首礼拜寺街)

Jinan Xiaojinzhuang Mosque 济南小金庄清真寺

The Xiaojinzhuang Mosque was first built in 1490, Ming Dynasty(1368-1644). A female masque was built to the south of Xiaojinzhuang Mosque in 1996. The two temples cover a total area of 4,452 square meters with the constructed area of 1,370 square meters. The major constructions are the main hall and the back hall. In front of the main hall is a large wall. It was said that the Xiaojinzhuang Mosque was known as the "the First Changqing Temple" in the world and many historical figures have been here and left an inscription.

In every Friday, the local Muslim people would do prayer in the temple. Every traditional festivals such as Eid al-Fitr, Id al-Adha, St. Clement, more Islam will come here to celebrate these holidays.

Address: Xiaojin Village, North of Emei Mountain, Duandian Town, Huaiyin District, Jinan (济南槐荫区段店镇峨眉山以北小金村内)

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