Top 10 China tours 2024/2025 for first visits and returns: embark on a lifetime experience. Learn more

Top 10 China Holiday Tours in 2024

A holiday tour to China is surely an exciting thing. But which tour should I choose? China is such a big country, with such rich tourist attractions and splendid culture and history.

Below we list the top 10 holiday tours in China, from which we hope you will be able to gain inspiration for creating your own holiday tour of China.

1. 11-Day Classic Wonders

Itinerary: Beijing (3D i.e. 3 days) – Xi'an (2D) – Guilin (3D) – Shanghai (3D)

Suitable for: people who are making their first trip to China and who have a relatively long holiday

This tour rewards you with an overall impression of Chinese history, natural landscape, and modernity.


Learn why the Great Wall is regarded as one of the great wonders of the world, and how emperors during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties lived in the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Discover why China's first emperor Qin Shi Huang (259-210 BC) made the terracotta warriors in Xi'an. Appreciate special karst landscape on a cruise of the Li River, and experience countryside life in Guilin. Gain some insights into China's development from bustling Shanghai.

Check more details of the Classic Wonders Tour.

2. 8-Day Golden Triangle

Terracotta ArmyMaking mini Terracotta Warrio

Itinerary: Beijing (3D) – Xi'an (2D) – Shanghai (3D)

Suitable for first-time visitors who have a short holiday

This tour is a basic combo that covers the three most representative cities in China.

They are also the top three most popular tourist cities in China.

Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai offer convenient transportation, nationally famous attractions, and rich cultural experiences.

Visit the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing. Discover the Terracotta Army in Xi'an. Go the Bund to experience bustling Shanghai.

Sample traditional Chinese culture, make clay warriors, and experience China's high-speed rail travel. Learn more about the details of the Golden Triangle Tour.

3. 9-Day Family Classic

the Forbidden CityExploring the Forbidden City

Itinerary: Beijing (4D) – Xi'an (2D) – Shanghai (3D)

Suitable for families with kids

This family tour includes many family-friendly activities.

Classic sites include the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Army, the Bund and Yuyuan Garden.

Interesting family activities include riding a rickshaw and visiting a local family who live in a hutong, learning to apply facial makeup for Beijing Opera, taking a toboggan on the Great Wall, learning to make a terracotta figurine, and exploring a market street in Shanghai.

Learn more about the Family Classic Tour.

4. 13-Day China Essence and Pandas

ChengduCute panda

Itinerary: Beijing (3D) – Xi'an (2D) – Chengdu (2D) – Yangtze Cruise (3D) – Shanghai (3D)

Suitable for first-time travelers who are panda fans; people traveling with kids

In addition to the classic sites and traditional cultural experiences in Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai outlined above, there are some fresh experiences in this tour.

The most attractive is a close encounter with pandas. You can be a keeper for cute pandas, clean their enclosures, and make cakes for them.

The other special experience is a Yangtze cruise, to view the marvelous scenery along the Three Gorges. Check out our detailed itinerary on China Essence and Panda Tour.

5. 14-Day Natural Wonders Discovery


Itinerary: Beijing (3D) – Xi'an (2D) – Zhangjiajie (3D) – Guilin (3D) – Shanghai (3D)

Suitable for first-time visitors who are nature lovers

This tour will not only allow you to visit China's famous historical sites, but also some of China's most beautiful natural scenery.

After exploring the history of China in Beijing and Xi'an, Zhangjiajie and Guilin will give you a new perspective.

They have some stupendous scenery, for example at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the inspiration for the Hallelujah Mountains in Avatar; and the stunning Li River, along with beautiful rural scenery in the Guilin area.

The best time for sightseeing is from May to October. Find out more at Natural Wonders Discovery.

6. 13-Day Silk Road Adventure

Silk RoadDanxia landform

Itinerary: Xi'an (3D) – Zhangye (1D) – Dunhuang (2D) – Turpan (1D) – Urumqi (1D) – Kashgar (3D)

Suitable for people who are interested in the Silk Road and the west of China; people who want to have a deep understanding of China; adventurous travelers

The Silk Road was initiated about 2,100 years ago, to facilitate trade between Europe and Central Asia.

Due to today's One Belt One Road project, the Silk Road is booming again. Desert, Yardang landscape, Buddhist caves, and Uighur culture are the main features along the Silk Road.

Visit 'rainbow mountains' in Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, explore the splendid Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, visit the ruins of the Great Wall from the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), shop at the Erdaoqiao Market, the biggest bazaar in Urumqi, and visit the old city of Kashgar.

Learn more about the Silk Road Adventure Tour.

7. 13-Day Beautiful China and Holy Tibet


Itinerary: Beijing (3D) – Xi'an (3D) – Lhasa (3D) – Shanghai (3D)

Suitable for first-time visitors who are interested in Tibet

There is no doubt that the most unique part of this journey is going to Tibet.

High up on the remote Himalayan Plateau, Tibet is the dream destination for many travelers, because of its pure, untouched scenery and Tibetan culture.

Tibet has nothing but pure beauty. Pay a visit to Potala, the holy palace for pilgrims. Wander round ancient monasteries to experience Tibetan Buddhism.

Marvel at the breathtaking beauty of Yamdrok Lake. May to October is the recommended time to travel. Check for more detailed information about this tour.

8. 13-Day Riches of China

SuzhouTongli Water Town

Itinerary: Shanghai (3D) – Suzhou (1D) – Hangzhou (1D) – Guilin (3D) – Xi'an (2D) – Beijing (4D)

Suitable for first-time travelers who like China's classical beauty, including classical Chinese gardens and water towns

Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou are top eastern cities to visit in China. They combine ancient and modern China.

Discover the story of Shanghai's rise when visiting a block of buildings along the Bund.

Explore Tongli water town and Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou to feel China's classical beauty. Take a stroll along the shores of West Lake in Hangzhou.

You can understand the charm of eastern cities in China after visiting these three cities.

Then you can enjoy the leisurely countryside in Guilin, and explore historical attractions in Xi'an and Beijing. See our detailed Riches of China Tour.

9. 8-Day Ethnic Culture


Itinerary: Guilin (2D) – Yangshuo (1D) – Guizhou (4D)

Suitable for people who are interested in Chinese ethnic culture and rural scenery

Guilin and Guizhou are in the southwest of China. Guilin hosts the most beautiful karst landscape in the country. Yangshuo near Guilin boasts the most beautiful countryside scenery.

Take a cruise on the Li River to appreciate the beautiful karst landscape. Ride a bike and enjoy a bamboo-rafting experience in Yangshuo.

Guizhou features Miao and Dong culture. The minority people have their own customs and handicrafts. You can learn how to make paper in the traditional way, and how to make a fine batik.

Check out our Ethnic Culture Tour.

10. 13-Day Chinese Food

Oil Tea Oil tea in Guilin

Itinerary: Beijing (3D) – Xi'an (2D) – Chengdu (2D) – Guilin (3D) – Hong Kong (3D)

Suitable for lovers of Chinese cuisine

This tour will not only introduce you to famous attractions in each city, but will also let you have a broad taste of Chinese cuisine, from north to south, and from city to rural areas.

Taste the famous Beijing roast duck, sample a dumpling banquet in Xi'an, have a Sichuan-cuisine cooking class, learn how to make bamboo-tube rice, taste oil tea in Guilin, and try Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong.

Check out our detailed Chinese Food Tour.

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