Xingping Fishing Village, Yangshuo

Xingping Fishing Village, Yangshuo

By CindyUpdated Sep. 14, 2021

Located 25 kilometers northeast of Yangshuo, Xingping Fishing Village is a small village along the Li River. Established in 1506 in the Ming Dynasty, the fishing village went through the Ming and Qing Dynasties War, the Sino-Japanese War, China's War of Liberation, and the Cultural Revolution, yet still retains its original character. It's truly a valuable historical treasure.

Traditional Architecture

Yangshuo Xingping

In Xingping Fishing Village there are 48 traditional residences which have been particularly well preserved throughout the years. The buildings represent a typical architectural style of Northern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region during the Ming and Qing dynasties. 

Special features of these residences include blue bricks and black tiles, flying eaves, horse head walls, and wood carving windows.

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Classic Karst Scenery

The hills around the fishing village boast some of the best natural scenery in the Yangshuo area.

Xingping The fansinate natural scenery of the Xingping Village

On the opposite bank of the Li River the strangely-shaped hills look like a Chinese landscape painting, notably Liyu (Carp) Hill, Jinwa (Golden Tile) Hill, Daojian (Knife and Sword) Hill and Bijia (Pen Holder) Hill. At the back of the fishing village there are seven hills encircling it, as if they are guards protecting the small village.

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Xingping Fishing Village's Rise to Fame

In the past Xingping Fishing Village was an ordinary place, like many other small villages along the Li River little known by people from outside. However, in 1998 Former US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton paid a visit to Guilin. 

When taking the Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, the boat stopped at Xingping Town, and Bill Clinton and his wife visited Xingping Fishing Village. They highly praised the simple and genuine features of the village.

Since then Xingping Fishing Village has become a well-known place visited by lots of tourists seeing the Li River sights.

The Li RiverA fisherman on the Li River
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Experience the Li River Fishing Lifestyle

When visiting the fishing village you can experience the local people's daily life by going fishing with them. The fishermen of the Li River use cormorants to catch fish. The well-trained cormorants are the fishermen's "tools of the trade". You can definitely get a unique experience by fishing with the locals.

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