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Beijing World Park

The Beijing World Park is a miniature of the world with the five contients represented and located inside following the pattern they exist on the earth. Here you can see 109 world-famous attractions from 40 countries. The attractions like the Egypt Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Nort Dame, the White House, Capitol Building, Lincholn Memorial, the Sydney Opera Theater and some Italian or Japanese styles gardens are scattered around. Here you can also see hundreds of statues like the the Statue of Liberty, the Manneken Pis, the Mermaid, the Statue of David, the statue of Venus, the statue of Chopin and the statue of Mozart. All statues are vividly crafted and bear exact resemblance to the heroes they are depicting.

beijing world park

Laser fountains, maze made up of plants and fairy-tale land are all here entertaining visitors from all over the world. The ethnic customs village combines catering, entertaining and shopping in one and is very outlandish. You would also be agog to visit the international streets which has on either side clusters of European style buildings like the Italian famous brands street, the Germany Goethe Gourmet Building, the Swiss Lausanne Gift Street that all sell different-flavored souvenirs and host various entertaining activities.

Travel Essentials

  • Add : No.158 Feng Bao Rd. Huaxiang County, Fengtai District, Beijing, 16 kilometers to downtown
  • Features:
    1.109 world famous attractions facsimile from over 40 countries
    2.Lifelike statues replicas by world famous sculptors
    3.Various fun place for kids
  • Attractions Nearby : The Han Dynasty Tomb, the Huaxiang Park.
  • Transportation : You can embark Express Bus at the southeast side of the Tianningsi Bridge near the Bus 390 stop. The Bus begins to run at 7:00 am at a thirty or forty minutes intervals. Two yuan and forty minutes later, you will arrive. You can also take Bus 905.

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