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 How to Travel from Beijing to Chengdu

How to Travel from Beijing to Chengdu

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Nov. 21, 2023
PandasChengdu is a popular tourist destination.

Known as the homeland of giant pandas, Chengdu has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for a China tour from Beijing. It is very convenient to travel from Beijing to Chengdu.

We will now introduce the three most common ways to travel to Chengdu from Beijing: by high-speed train, by airplane, and by overnight train. Read on to find out which is the best option for you.

1. Travel from Beijing to Chengdu by Airplane (Recommended)

Traveling from Beijing to Chengdu by airplane is the fastest and easiest option.

Beijing airportOur guide will wait for you in the airport in advance.
  • Duration: 3–3½ hours
  • Departure: Beijing Capital International Airport / Beijing Daxing International Airport
  • Arrival: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
  • Flight schedule: about 50 direct flights per day
  • Ticket price: The airfares vary between flights, seasons, and departure times.

Beijing has two airports: Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Daxing International Airport. Both airports operate flights to Chengdu although Beijing Capital International Airport offers more choice.

Beijing daxing airportBeijing Daxing Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is 30 kilometers from downtown Beijing. The road to the airport is often congested so you need to allow enough time for traffic jams. It will take about 40 minutes' drive if there's no congestion but 1–1½ hours if you encounter a traffic jam.

Beijing Daxing International Airport is a new airport, which is 50 kilometers from downtown Beijing. There is less heavy traffic and it is about 1 hour's drive away.

We recommend that you depart from Beijing Capital International Airport. It takes a similar amount of time to get to both airports but Beijing Capital International Airport has more available flights.

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2. Travel from Beijing to Chengdu by High-Speed Train

This option is suitable for people who cannot fly or those who want to experience high-speed rail. The high-speed trains run at a speed of over 300 kph (186 mph).

High-speed trainHigh-speed train

Beijing West Railway Station is 9 kilometers from downtown Beijing, being about 20 minutes' drive. Chengdu East Railway Station is 10 kilometers from downtown Chengdu, being about 30 minutes' drive. If you don't mind a long train journey, you can choose to travel from Beijing to Chengdu by high-speed train.

3. Travel from Beijing to Chengdu by Overnight Train

This option is suitable if you're traveling on a budget. It is the cheapest way to travel from Beijing to Chengdu. The journey takes over 30 hours. You need to spend a night or even two in the train.

Normal trainHard sleepers in a normal train
  • Duration: 28–33½ hours
  • Departure: Beijing West Railway Station
  • Arrival: Chengdu Railway Station
  • Train schedule: five trains per day
  • Ticket price: 236 yuan (US$33) to 702 yuan (US$99) according to the seat type and train number

There are different types of seats on a normal train: hard seats, hard sleepers, soft sleepers, and advanced soft sleepers (only some overnight trains have these).

If you choose to travel on a normal train, avoid taking a hard seat. It is a terrible experience to share a small space with six people and you will get hardly any sleep.

Normal trainSoft sleepers in normal train

Hard sleepers, which have six beds in a small compartment, and soft sleepers, which have four beds in a private room, are better.

Advanced soft sleepers are the best option. These allow two people to share a room but the cost is expensive.

You'd better purchase your ticket in advance if you want to book a hard sleeper or soft sleeper.

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Day Trip from Beijing to Chengdu (Not Recommended)

Theoretically, a day trip between Beijing and Chengdu is possible. The earliest flight departure from Beijing is at 06:25 and the last flight departure from Chengdu is at 21:00.

Wolong panda centerYou couldn't enjoy yourself in such a tight day trip.

Your Chengdu tour will begin at 10:00 from Chengdu airport and must finish before 18:00 so you can go back to the airport. This means you won't have an in-depth experience.

However, the round trip in one day will make you feel tired and you won't fully enjoy the trip.

An overnight stay in Chengdu followed by a day trip is recommended if you have a tight schedule: spend a night in Chengdu and start your tour the following morning.

Book your tickets and private transportation in advance for an efficient travel experience.

Let Us Create a Hassle-Free Tour from Beijing to Chengdu

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ChengduJoin a Panda Cub Keeper Program

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