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Dali Attractions, Top Attractions to See in Dali (Yunnan)

Dali Attractions, Top Attractions to See in Dali (Yunnan)

Written by Chris QuanUpdated Aug. 3, 2023

Of the almost 15 Dali attractions listed here Dali Ancient City, Erhai Lake, and Cangshan Mountain are the most famous and popular among visitors. Located in ethnically-diverse Yunnan, Dali is notable for its Bai culture. Xizhou Town has well-preserved Bai traditional houses.

Exciting outdoor activities such as biking, ATV riding, and rock climbing are available. See our Top Things to Do in Dali to get some ideas for your Dali trip.

1. Dali Old Town

Dali Old Town is one of Yunnan's most popular tourist destinations. It has a history of 1,200 years and was the capital of the Nanzhao Kingdom.

Dali Old Town has historic sites, ancient buildings, temples, and streets lined with shops, restaurants, bars, and hotels. It is a nice place to hang out. Learn more about Dali Old Town.

2. Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in China, and it is the second largest freshwater lake in Yunnan Province.This plateau lake is like a deep blue gem set in the green land.

Cycling around Erhai Lake is the most popular way for a visit. Learn more about Erhai Lake.

3. The Cangshan Mountains


The Cang Mountains (Cangshan) are a mountain range west of Dali City. Their snow-capped peaks, flowing clouds, murmuring brooks, diverse flora, and historical temples make them one of the most famous attractions in Dali. Learn more about the Cangshan Mountains.

4. Xizhou Town


The little town of Xizhou (the name means 'Happy Town'), once a trade/academic hub, is a now a quiet town with a population of about 32,000 people. The typical Bai houses are its highlight. Learn more about Xizhou Town.

5. The Three Pagodas of Dali

The Three Pagodas of DaliTHE THREE PAGODAS

The Three Pagodas of Dali are famous in China for their size, beauty, and antiquity, and for their preservation. The central one is more than 1,100 years old and is one of the tallest pagodas ever built in China. Learn more about the Three Pagodas.

6. Shaxi Ancient Town


Shaxi Ancient Town was an important trading hub on the Yunnan-Tibet Tea Horse Road. was included in the World Monuments Fund's protection list of 101 endangered sites as early as 2001. Learn more about Shaxi Ancient Town.

7. Shuanglang Ancient Village


Shuanglang Ancient Village is backed with green mountains and faces Erhai Lake. For over a thousand years, the local Bai Minority people here made their living fishing in the lake. Learn more about Shuanglang Ancient Village.

More Other Dali Attractions

  • Dali Butterfly Spring: It lise at the foot of Yunlong Peak of Cangshan Mountain. Every spring tens of thousands of butterflies of many species converge at this spot.
  • Houses of Zhoucheng: It is the biggest town of Bai people in Dali and known as the "the hometown of Bai tie-dye".
  • General Temple: The Grotto of the General (also called the Temple of the General) is a temple dedicated to General Li Mi who was a Tang Dynasty army commander who died during his attack on the Nanzhao.
  • Weishan Yi and Hui Autonomous County: The Weishan Yi and Hui Nationalities Autonomous County is a fantastic place inhabited by ethnic minorities and takes on dense ethic folk art of primitive simplicity.
  • Culture Town of Nanzhao: The Culture Town of Nanzhao has been built after the style of the palaces and houses of the periods of Nanzhao Kingdom and Dali Kingdom.
  • Jizu Mountain: It is one of China's famous Buddhist and Taoist mountains. The mountain is covered by dense forests and bamboo, and it has dozens of caves, temples and temple ruins.
  • Nanzhao Folk Island: Nanzhao Folk Island is a tiny island in large Erhai Lake near the village Shuanglang.It is a Nanzhao theme park and resort complex
  • Precious Stone Mountain: A hidden gem off the beaten track for hiking, visiting ancient sites, and seeing ethnic people live traditionally is Precious Stone Mountain.

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