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Best Boutique Hotels in Yangshuo

Surrounded by fabulous countryside and riverside scenery, these boutique hotels in Yangshuo are great places to stay, immersed in nature.

1. Yangshuo Tea Cozy

You can enjoy your stay in Tea Cozy, which is located a short distance from the crowded centre of Yangshuo. You can relax in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the hotel, with beautiful rustic views from each floor. The staff are friendly and helpful.

2. Yangshuo Secret Garden Boutique Hotel

Different from the boutique hotels in the rural villages, Secret Garden is a group of ancient buildings, also a few minutes’ drive from Yangshuo downtown. The decorations in the hotel are in Chinese style, creating a warm and Chinese traditional atmosphere. Excellent service is provided by the friendly staff.

3. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat benefits a lot from its ideal location close to the cycling routes in the countryside. The rooms are up to Western standard, with complete amenities. Views from the balcony are stunning. Accommodation, dining, entertainment, and relaxation can all be accomplished there.

4.Moondance Boutique Resort

The highlights of Moondance Boutique Resort are the buildings and the fantastic service. Owned by a Dutchman, the staff are attentive to customers’ needs and provide high-end service. The food offered by the hotel is tempting.

5. Li River Retreat

Having superb views of the Li and peaks around, Li River Retreat is in Yangshuo town’s nearby rural village area. The tranquil environment of the hotel is calm and you can enjoy a nice rest. If you want help planning trips or things to do in Yangshuo, the friendly staff can give you a hand.

6. Yangshuo Village Retreat

It is a wonderful place to stay in Yangshuo for a holiday, with delicious food, a social environment, and warm service. Enjoying sunshine on the balcony surrounded by lush greenery is so good. The hotel is near a popular rock climbing place, only five minutes’ walk. It is also convenient to go cycling, learn tai chi, and attend other interesting activities in Yangshuo.

7. Yangshuo Phoenix Pagoda Fonglou Retreat

Surrounded by gorgeous countryside scenery, Fonglou is an exquisite place to stay, and feel the serenity. Delicious food and good service are offered by nice staff. A little path near the hotel leads to Moon Hill and the popular cycling route.

8. Yangshuo Dongling Resort

Located outside of Yangshuo, Dongling Resort is a place to escape the bustle of Yangshuo. The environment of this hotel is quiet, and the view around is incredible.

9. Snow Lion Riverside Retreat

This boutique hotel is located in the outskirts of Yangshuo, creating a tranquil paradise away from the bustling downtown. The buffet breakfast is a good combination of Western and Chinese traditional dishes. Helpful and pleasant staff help you feel a t ease.

10.Dragon River Retreat

The considerate service of Dragon River Retreat is its most attractive point. A shuttle bus is provided, and extra amenities are offered like a heater in cold winter weather. The staff can also help you organize your trips around Yangshuo, and introduce the interesting activities there. It feels like home away from home.

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