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Travel in Guilin for People with Disabilities: Wheelchair Access and Guide Services

Tourism in China is becoming more accessible to people with disabilities. There are several specific measures in place for people with disabilities, to ensure that their travels are comfortable.

Tours for the Differently-Abled in Guilin

Conventional travel agencies' group tours in China that involve walking or driving for long periods of time, with quick stops for photos, can prove tiring. Such tours can also be quite hurried. This style of travel is particularly difficult for people with disabilities.

With our special, accessible tours, we allow for necessary travel time and the inevitability of guests becoming tired. We do not take guests to every attraction, but ensure that every site we go to has dedicated wheelchair access and other special facilities. Thus, for example, we organize tours to places which do not require our guests to wait in long lines. We also take guests to less crowded places for photos and avoid visiting crowded attractions during peak hours.

Li River Touring

Li RiverLi River

The best way to see the Li River's scenery is with a boat tour. The scenery of the Li River is both pretty and fabulous. Many who have never been to China may be familiar with this scenery from traditional Chinese landscape art. Those taking the boat tour may have differing requirements, and this is acknowledged in the way they are catered for. For the disabled traveler arriving by car, there is a dedicated wheelchair route from the parking lot to the boat itself, enabling access in a few minutes.

People with disabilities have boarding priority, dedicated wheelchair access directly to the berth arranged in advance, and the staff will ensure the disabled traveler has a window seat on the first floor with an arm rest and ready access to Western-style lavatories. Disabled guests are thus guaranteed a good view of the scenery and ease of access to all necessary facilities as well as comfort. The two docks in Yangshuo allow for similar ease of access for wheelchairs.

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The Longji Terraced Fields

The Longji Terraced FieldsThe Longji Terraced Fields

As well as the natural scenery, many travelers are interested in Guilin's minority culture landscape. The most famous minorities are at the Longji Terraced Fields, the magnificent rice terraces beloved of tourists. The facilities of the Three Terraced Village now meet the needs of tourists with wheelchairs.

Firstly, the ancient Zhuang village has a footpath without steps, convenient for tourists who, though using a wheelchair, can walk a short distance.

Secondly, the terraces of the highest Dazhai village have a cable car with a roof and wheelchair access, enabling access to the top viewing platform in some 20 minutes.


Air Travel

air travel

When purchasing flight tickets online, you can inform the airline if your party includes a passenger who uses a wheelchair. You can apply for special assistance or other services in the airport, which all airlines will be able to provide. These services include, for example, making sure that wheelchair passengers board the flight first, and that they get priority when choosing seats so that they can get aisle seats or seats with removable armrests.

When we have guests who need wheelchair services visiting via Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, we make sure to check their seats ahead of time. We call the airport ground staff to arrange for the wheelchair service in advance, so that the guests with disabilities can get off the plane first and get assistance with luggage collection. The driver parks the car a convenient place that is easily accessible to the guests.

High-Speed Railway

There is a service desk set up at all high-speed railway stations to provide priority services to guests with disabilities; this includes priority entry, boarding, and handling of luggage.

Most high-speed railway stations provide wheelchair services for passengers with disabilities and/or limited mobility. For example, the high-speed railway station in Guilin has arrangements for full-fledged wheelchair services. Railway staff wait for guests on the platform when the train arrives; they help the guests by pushing their wheelchairs, carrying their luggage, and making sure that they reach their tour guide safely. The same process is followed when guests are dropped off at the station; railway staff help guests get on the train, take them to their seats, and store their luggage in the appropriate place.

Guilin has four high-speed railway stations. The most used and most convenient is simply known as Guilin Station.

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Private Transport

Your tour guide will ensure that your hotel car is spacious and comfortable, and that you have a good driver. They will check in with you during your ride to the hotel to ensure that you are comfortable.


We will make sure that the hotel arranges accessible rooms, which are located on the ground floor of the hotel, and close to the elevator. Moreover, we will check the corridor from the elevator to the room has no steps or level changes. The hotel room will have a low bed and an accessible shower with a security lever, emergency call button, and other facilities.

We will ensure that hotel restaurant is wheelchair accessible, so that guests can enjoy the complimentary breakfast. If necessary, the front desk staff can arrange for room service, in which case guests can dine without worry.


Eating out is a big part of our tours. We always arrange for guests to eat at restaurants that do not have stairs; but if there are stairs, there is also an elevator available. We do our best to make our guests feel comfortable.

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How We Can Help You in Guilin

We will do our best to ensure that you experience the best of Guilin in the most comfortable way possible. We will provide you a customized itinerary as well your own private driver and tour guide.

We are experienced in customizing tours for the differently abled and will be glad to tailor-make a tour for you based on your requirements. Contact us for any help you need. We will work hard to make your holiday an enriching and hassle-free experience!

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