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Guilin Weather in November

guilin weather november

Weather: Though still mild, the cooler weather announces that the drier Guilin winter is coming. It only rains on 9 days in November, but rarely heavily. There is only 64 mm of total rainfall, and it is one of the driest months. The average low and high temperatures are respectively 12 °C (54 °F) and 20 °C (68 °F). 

Clothing: Prepare clothes such as a sweater or coat, a long sleeve shirt, and shorts and a T-shirt for sunny days.

Guilin November Weather Data Graphs

Data graphs of Guilin Weather in Nov

Top Things to Do in Guilin in November

li riverThe lovely scenery of the Li River in November

See Aautumn Colors

You can't miss the red maple leaves in the Gudong Scenic Area and the yellow ginkgo leaves in Haiyang Country. Then you will be surprised at how amazing nature is. 

Gudong Scenic Area is around 28 kilometers from Guilin, about 1 hour's drive, and we can take you there. Haiyang Rural District, also in Lingchuan County, is the most popular place to visit for autumn colors. Haiyang is also around 1 hour's drive from Guilin.

Enjoy Hot Springs in Longsheng

In late fall and winter, you can go up to the ethnic areas in the mountains north of Guilin and take a bath in a steamy hot spring to relax your tired body. Wouldn't that be rejuvenating after a hike around the rice terraces? Longsheng hot spring is renowned as the best hot spring in southern China.

Take a Li River Cruise

YangshuoCycle in rural Yangshuo.

In November and the dry winter months, the water level of the Li River drops, so the cruises are shorter. The surface of Li River resembles a mirror and the water reflection is clearly visible, so it is a good time to take a Li River cruise and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Dine in Yangshuo

In the cooler weather, how about enjoying some hot Guilin-style food? Yangshuo is the town that the cruise boats stop at. Yangshuo is the focal point of a lot of the interesting caves, rafting places, and natural rocky hill scenery that Guilin is noted for not just in China, but all over the world.

One of the advantages of Yangshuo is that it retains some of the small town Chinese feel. There are little restaurants specializing in everything from Guilin noodles, to fish dishes, to Western coffee and dessert.

The Yangshuo Climbing Festival has been scheduled in November in previous years to take advantage of projected dry and mild conditions.

Visiting Guilin in November: Important Travel Tips and Popular Tours

November is in high travel season.

Tour Guilin with China Highlights.Tour Guilin with China Highlights.

Guilin's winter low tourist season begins in November, but it is still classed as a high tourist month. Tourists come in and enjoy the pleasant, cool, dry weather and see the sights. 

Since the Li River is low, less people take a river cruise, and hotel prices moderate. We can help you book hotel rooms, flight tickets and train tickets, possibly at a discount.

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