Hangzhou Weather in January

Hangzhou Weather in January

By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
West LakeWest Lake

Weather: Hangzhou is in the peak of the freezing winter during January. The weather is freezing, humid, windy, and occasionally snowy. Temperatures often drop below freezing at night, and it is common to see snow on the ground in January.

The average high temperature is 8 °C (46 °F), and the average low temperature is 1 °C (34 °F). It snows or rains about 12 days of the month, and there is about 73 mm of total precipitation. See the current weather and forecast>>

Clothing: Wear warm clothes such as a thick coat, thick trousers, a hat, and gloves. You'll need waterproof shoes if you walk in the snow or slush. Also, remember to bring an umbrella or rain gear since it rains a lot.

Things to Do in Hangzhou in January

Enjoy fine dining at the restaurants: When it is cold and snowing, you can stay inside and eat Chinese food! Hangzhou is one of the country's richest cities, and you can enjoy fine dining here. 

The West Lake district has fine Chinese restaurants that tourists enjoy. Most of the recommended restaurants on our list are near West LakeIt is a place to taste the local foods and see artistic performances. You can also enjoy a good meal at a restaurant, sightseeing, and a walk before the display starts.

Chinese Red Knot With FuA Chinese New Year decoration

Enjoy the Chinese New Year: The (Spring Festival) holidays are busy days for travel and tourism. The Spring Festival "golden week" takes place at the end of January 1/3 of the years. You might enjoy a snowy Chinese New Year then. Festivities include fireworks, exchanging gifts, reunions, and feasts. Taste the local food, watch the cultural activities in the streets, and watch the fireworks explode all around for an hour at midnight.

Watch the West Lake Fireworks: There is a choreographed Chinese New Year fireworks and laser light display sponsored by the government at West Lake that is created by professionals. It lasts almost an hour, and it is amazing. Various kinds of fireworks explode in tandem over a wide area above the lake, and the whole surface of the lake glistens and scintillates with colors and patterns.  

Check the Chinese New Year dates.

Touring Hangzhou in January

Low Travel Season

January is a low travel month unless the Spring Festival is in the month or falls close to January. The Spring Festival travel rush begins about two weeks before the Chinese New Year and ends about two weeks after.

Expect high prices for hotel rooms, flight tickets and train tickets. If you inform us about the accommodations, modes of travel, and sightseeing you prefer, we can use our experience to arrange your tour and even find discounts. Why wait in long lines at stations or try to book rooms remotely when we can help with trip logistics for personal or group travel?

Recommended Tour Packages

West LakeWest Lake

2-Day Hangzhou Highlights & Grand Canal Heritage Tour: During this tour, you go to the Grand Canal, West Lake, and other key sites. You can modify the tour as you wish, and specify the restaurants and attractions you want to go to on our "Tailor-Make a Tour Form".

5-Day Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou Bullet Train Tour: On this  tour, you'll sightsee, dine and shop at several cities while travelling in a big circle including Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Suzhou. 

Hangzhou is connected to Shanghai, Yiwu and 30 other cities by D and G class bullet trains. Foreign tourists especially enjoy riding these inexpensive, fast, and convenient trains for regional travel.

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