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 How to Plan a Hong Kong to Xi’an Tour

How to Plan a Hong Kong to Xi’an Tour

Written by Chris QuanUpdated Nov. 21, 2023
Hong KongHong Kong

Hong Kong is a good gateway for your China tour due to its fusion of Western and Eastern cultures. So, after understanding a little Chinese culture during your Hong Kong tour, you may want to have a more in-depth culture and history tour.

Xi'an is a good destination to experience that. Here, we have provided you with a guide on planning a tour from Hong Kong to Xi'an.

Get from Hong Kong to Xi'an

You can get information about how to get to Xi'an from Hong Kong in this section. The information in the following tables is only for reference. When booking, please check the latest information about the flights and train journeys or contact us for help.

By Airplane (Recommended)

There are direct flights from Hong Kong International Airport to Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. Taking a direct flight is the best way and you can apply for the TWOV (Transit Without Visa) policy.

Alternatively, take a high-speed train (15 minutes) from Hong Kong to Shenzhen North Railway Station and then take the metro or a taxi to Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport followed by a flight to Xi'an.

It takes 55 minutes to get from Shenzhen North Railway Station to Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport via the metro and 50 minutes by taxi. You can't take advantage of the TWOV policy when you travel in this way.

Route >Direct/Transfer Journey Time (Approx.) Departure Time
Hong Kong – Xi'an Direct 3 h 25 min 14:35
Hong Kong – Xi'an Direct 3 h 11:30
Shenzhen–Xi'an Direct 2 h 50 min 12:40

By Train

Traveling from Hong Kong to Xi'an by train, you can't apply for the TWOV policy and there is no direct train between Hong Kong and Xi'an.

You have to take consecutive high-speed trains or an overnight train to Xi'an. It will take too long and it is a tiring journey, so we don't recommend traveling by train.

By high-speed train: The whole trip, including the waiting time in transit, will take 9–11 hours.

By overnight train: The direct overnight train departs from Shenzhen Railway Station at 09:30 and arrives at Xi'an Railway Station 24 hours later.

Here, we have listed the most time-saving ways to take high-speed trains from Hong Kong to Xi'an.

Route Train Journey Time (Approx.)> Departure Time Total Travel Time
Hong Kong – Xi'an (Transfer in Zhengzhou) G80 (Hong Kong – Zhengzhou) 6 h 20 min 08:05 9 h (including a 30-minute transit time)
G667 (Zhengzhou–Xi'an) 2 h 13 min 14:56
Hong Kong – Xi'an (Transfer in Guangzhou) G6548 (Hong Kong – Guangzhou) 47 min 10:00 10 h (including a 37-minute transit time)
G863 (Guangzhou–Xi'an) 8 h 45 min 11:24
Hong Kong – Xi'an (Transfer in Shenzhen) G6386 (Xi'an–Shenzhen) 26 min 09:09 10 h 20 min (including a 25-minute transit time)
G822 (Shenzhen–Xi'an) 9 h 30 min 10:00

Suggested Itineraries for a Hong Kong to Xi'an Tour

Generally speaking, you need 1–3 days to visit Xi'an. In this section, we will give you some suggested itineraries and hope you get some inspiration from them.

Hong Kong to Xi'an Day Trip

Terracotta WarriorsThe Terracotta Warriors

This one-day itinerary will let you experience the most classic attractions and give you a vivid flavor of the locals' lifestyles in Xi'an.

Morning: Visit the Terracotta Army Museum

The Terracotta Army was constructed to accompany the tomb of China's first emperor as an afterlife guard. Explore the site of the Terracotta Army to learn about how the warriors were made, how they are preserved, and what their original colors were.

Afternoon: Visit the Ancient City Wall and the Muslim Quarter

Xi'an was originally a walled city. Xi'an City Wall has been guarding the inner city since the 13th century. Cycle or walk on the wall to feel its historical vicissitudes.

Xi'an's Muslim Quarter is actually one of the best Muslim food streets where you can learn about the locals' lifestyles and taste local snacks.

2-Day Hong Kong to Xi'an Tour

This 2-day itinerary will not only let you see some classic attractions but will give you a more impressive cultural experience.

Xi'an local foodExplore Xi'an local food

Day 1: Explore the Secrets of the Terracotta Army and Have a Food Adventure

The most famous attraction in Xi'an is the Terracotta Army, which you shouldn't miss. Apart from learning about its history and creation methods, you can try your hand at molding and carving a mini warrior.

In the afternoon, visit the Great Mosque and take a food adventure in the Muslim Quarter. Try a Chinese hamburger or cold noodles.

Day 2: Cultural Experience and Fun Activities

Visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda, which houses the Buddhist materials brought back by Xuanzang from his epic journey to India. Then go to Shaanxi History Museum to learn about China's history.

After visiting the museum, you will get an opportunity to learn about China's traditional national costumes in an ancient academy and you can try on Hanfu, the traditional dress of the Han Chinese people.

Finally, ride a bike or walk on the ancient city wall. From the top, you can enjoy views of the different areas of the city.

3-Day Hong Kong to Xi'an Tour (Recommended)

Hanfu costume experienceHanfu costume experience

This 3-day itinerary will be more flexible. You can travel at an easy pace and fully immerse yourself in the historical atmosphere. You can also have the opportunity to experience fun activities to enrich your Xi'an tour and gain sweet memories of Xi'an.

  • Day 1: Arrive and visit the Hanyang Tomb.
  • Day 2: the Terracotta Army + food adventure in the Muslim Quarter
  • Day 3: Big Wild Goose Pagoda + Shaanxi History Museum + Hanfu experience + the ancient city wall

See our 3-Day Xi'an Tour with Must-See Attractions and Unique Experiences for reference.

Do I Need a Visa?

Usually, foreign citizens would need a visa to enter Chinese mainland but Xi'an has a 72-hour visa-free policy. This only applies to entry via Xi'an Xianyang International Airport.

To fly from Hong Kong to Xi'an without a visa for 72 hours, you also need to meet the third country/region criteria. For example, you don't need a visa if you leave for Xi'an Xianyang International Airport from Hong Kong International Airport, stay in Xi'an, and leave for the USA within 72 hours.

Taking the outward or return leg of your journey via Macau is the best visa-free option for returning to Hong Kong from Xi'an. However, there's only one direct flight between Macau and Xi'an per day, in the middle of the day.

Learn more about How to Transit Through China for 72 Hours Without a Visa.

XianCreate a tour from Hong Kong to Xi'an with us!

Create a Tour from Hong Kong to Xi'an with Us

Just tell us your preferences and requirements - we are happy to tailor-make a unique tour for you. See our recommended Xi'an tours for inspiration:

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