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Best Times to Visit Huangshan: Weather Tips for All Months

Huangshan (a city and region in central east China, which takes its name from the Yellow Mountains) is suitable for travel all year round with a different type of beauty for each season. The best time can vary depending on your preferences and what you want to experience.

The scenic area has a mountainous climate, which means it is colder and wetter than the surrounding area below. Temperatures are lower at higher altitudes. Be prepared for the change of weather as you ascend.

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Best Time to Visit Huangshan for Families and Couples

If your schedule is flexible, we recommend visiting Huangshan during the spring or autumn. During these two seasons, there are fewer tourists, pleasant weather, and beautiful scenery. (It's best to skip the peak periods during the first weeks of May and October.)

In spring, especially after the drizzle, it's the best time to witness the sea of clouds at Huangshan. You can also see vast fields of rapeseed flowers and visit nearby villages to observe spring farming activities.

Autumn allows you to enjoy a peaceful time to relax, enjoy the scenery, and sip a cup of tea. The mountains are adorned with vibrant autumn foliage, making it an excellent time for hiking.

If you're traveling with school-age children, Huangshan in summer won't disappoint either. Compared to spring and autumn, there are more tourists during the summer vacation, with June being relatively less crowded.

To avoid crowds, arrange some cultural activities such as learning to make fish-shaped lanterns. You could also visit a local family's vegetable field, pick the freshest vegetables, and even participate in cooking with freshly harvested ingredients.

Best Time to Hike in Huangshan

Walking up or trekking in Huangshan is a good choice if your physical condition permits. Your guide will plan the best route for you according to your condition and requirements.

For a better experience, you should choose a period with warmer weather, less rain, and fewer visitors. The following periods are the times we recommend for walking up Huangshan:

Mid-May to the beginning of June: There are fewer visitors than in the peak season and there is less rainfall. This is also the best period to admire the beautiful scenery of late spring and early summer.

Mid-October to November: The most popular season is over and the autumn breeze covers the mountains. You also have a better chance of having sunny days.

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Best Times to View a Huangshan Sunrise and Sunset

Viewing a sunrise and sunset is one of the top things to do in Huangshan. Stay in the mountains to have the chance to enjoy the spectacular views.

Here is an approximate timetable of Huangshan sunrises and sunsets. You may refer to your guide for the actual times, and the hotels in the scenic area also have detailed timetables.

Season Spring (late Mar. to May) Summer (Jun. to Sep.) Autumn (Oct. and Nov.) Winter (Dec. to early Mar.)
Sunrise 05:10 to 06:11 05:05 to 05:55 06:00 to 06:37 06:23 to 07:04
Sunset 18:19 to 18:57 18:05 to 19:12 17:09 to 17:53 17:07 to 18:13

Please note: The hotels in the mountains are harder to book, especially in the peak season. Book as early as you can.

Best Time to See the Sea of Clouds

Huangshan's sea of clouds scenery has been famous in both ancient and modern times. It is praised as one of the four wonders of Huangshan. Every November to May, you have the best chance to admire this view.

The best view appears when the sky clears up after rain or snow. In the twilight hours, the clouds are colored with red, orange, and yellow.

Huangshan in Spring

Spring in Huangshan is from late March to May.

Spring weather: The average temperature is from 5°C (41°F) to 10°C (50°F). It is mostly rainy, misty, and cloudy.

Spring arrives late in Huangshan. The brilliantly blooming flowers and fresh, crisp air are features of spring. Spring is one of the best seasons in Huangshan.

What to wear: Prepare layers of sweaters and a coat because the temperature gets lower the higher you climb. Wearing layers that can easily be taken on and off is convenient for comfort when hiking.

Spring is not the peak season: May 1 to 5 is the Labor Day holiday in China. Other than this period, there won't be too many visitors. You can enjoy a smooth journey in spring.

Huangshan in Summer

Summer in Huangshan is from June to September.

Summer weather: The temperature ranges from 13°C (55°F) to 19°C (66°F), with more rainfall than in spring.

In summer, Huangshan becomes a sea of green. It might be hot at the base but it gets cooler when you go higher up.

Summer is also the rainy season and the air is at its clearest. You can enjoy views of the mountains continuing into the distance. After the rain, the peaks are surrounded by mist, creating dream-like scenery.

What to wear: Prepare summer clothes and sun protection. Also, prepare a jacket for the evenings when the temperature gets lower. During summer thunderstorms with high winds, it is not recommended to use umbrellas due to safety concerns; raincoats are preferable.

Summer is the peak season: The long summer holiday for Chinese students and teachers falls in July and August. The Yellow Mountains region is crowded in this period. You'd better book 3 months in advance.

Huangshan in Autumn

Fall is from October to November.

Autumn weather: The temperature ranges from 4°C (39°F) to 11°C (52°F). The temperature turns cold, with less rainfall than in summer.

The climate is very comfortable and the scenery is stunningly beautiful in autumn. The Yellow Mountains region is one of the best places in China to enjoy fall foliage, looking down on the deciduous trees of the ravines and valleys. The pines, of course, retain their verdant needles.

What to wear: Prepare sweaters and a coat for this season.

The first week of October (1st–7th) is another peak season, being a national holiday, so Huangshan is more crowded, and it costs more to travel and stay in hotels. We recommend traveling after the holiday if your time is flexible.

Huangshan in Winter

Winter is from December to March.

Winter weather: The temperature during the daytime is about 3°C (37°F) and it drops to about -6°C (21°F) at night. The weather is freezing.

Winter is freezing up on the mountains and spectacular snowscapes are seen every year. Seas of clouds linger on the cold days in winter and the pine trees are frozen with rime, turning the mountains into a beautiful picture.

Additionally, it's an ideal moment to indulge in a hot spring experience following a mountain climb.

What to wear: Prepare warm winter clothes, including fleeces or a down jacket, and walking boots or snow boots that accept crampons (hirable there).

Winter is the off-season: The mountainside is much less crowded and it is much cheaper to travel. It's a good time to go if you are working with a budget.

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