Huangshan Weather in December

Huangshan Weather in December

By Kelly PangUpdated Oct. 1, 2021
Huangshan winter hikeA China Highlights' Yellow Mountains winter tour

Weather: December is very cold and is the driest month of the year. The average total monthly precipitation is 50 mm, and there is rain or snow about nine days of the month.

This drier weather is good for hikers. You'll still be able to see the snow covering the mountains since it melts very slowly given the low temperatures. The snow highlights the stark features of the mountains and vegetation producing a beautiful effect.

The average nightly low temperature is -3 °C (27 °F), and the average daily high temperature is 4 °C (39 °F). Since the three main 1,800m+ peaks are a kilometer higher than the lower regions of the park, they are 6+°C (11+°F) colder.

It is sunny about 5 hours a day on average, and the UV index is moderate. The relative humidity is 62% on average. Yellow Mountains local weather forecast>>

The peaks' famed 'sea of clouds' is seen relatively more frequently in winter, when warmer moist air from the sea is forced upwards by the mountains and cools.

Clothing: Wear a warm coat and gloves and dress in layers. Anti-slip walking boots are important. We recommend using crampons when icy. These can be rented at the base of the mountains.

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Things to Do in Huangshan in December

Snow on HuangshanSnow and clouds on the Yellow Mountains

Hike to the Top of the Yellow Mountains

Hiking: The mountains have a clean, almost austere feel as the pines grow straight out of the rock in many places with no soil around. Hiking to the top may take over four hours in winter. 4-Day Hiking Tour Package

Hiking safety: The main paths are safe even when it is icy because staff clear them each day. If considered unsafe, the management will restrict access to some trails.

Enjoy a Scenic Comfortable Cable Car Ride

To avoid bad weather and strain there are three cable car lines to the 1,400m+ (5,000 feet) area near a warm hotel.

...Then Bask in Hot Springs

The Yellow Mountain Hot Springs are the perfect place to relax and unwind after exploring the snowy peaks, at 42+°C (108+°F).

Visit Tunxi in Winter

Tunxi Ancient Street is a favorite sightseeing and shopping street in old Huangshan city. You can buy souvenirs, warm up with local food, appreciate the architecture, and tour a historic ink factory.

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Touring Huangshan in December

Low Travel Season

Yellow Mountains hot springsThe Yellow Mountain Hot Springs

It is a good month to go with less expense and more solitude. To avoid weekend crowds, don't tour on Friday and Saturday.

Hotel rooms and Yellow Mountains flights are less expensive. Train tickets are available.

Yellow Mountains Tours

3-Day Yellow Mountains Tour from Shanghai: The hot springs are included on this tour of highlights.

See our spectrum of tours or contact us to let us to design your own.

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