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Huangshan Weather in May

Yellow Mountain spring hike with China HighlightsYellow Mountains spring walk with China Highlights

Weather: The temperature in May is pleasant for hiking and touring, but expect frequent rain and lots of clouds and fog. It is near the height of the monsoon season with 273 mm of rain, and rain falls on 18 days of the month. Clouds and fog might obstruct the view, and rain might cut short a hike.

The beautiful spread of a 'sea of clouds' often seen around the main peaks is caused by warm and moist air from the sea rising along the slopes and meeting a layer of colder air at the higher attitudes. There, the cloud banks and rain form.

The average nightly low temperature is 9 °C (48 °F), and the average daily high temperature is 15 °C (59 °F). There is about 5 hours of sunshine a day. When it is sunny, the UV index is extreme. The average relative humidity is high at 84% Stay abreast of the local weather forecast>>

Clothing: Rain gear and waterproof shoes with good traction are important. A windbreaker with a shirt or a light sweater will help you adapt to changing conditions. A sunhat can protect against sunburn.

Things to Do in Huangshan in May

Yellow Mountains cable carScenic cable car

Green trees and various flowers blooming all over the mountains and plains make gorgeous scenery. Be sure to see the sunrise from the sea of clouds.

Hike in the Yellow Mountains

Hiking: Expect big crowds when the weather is good. A hike to the summit of one of the three main peaks of this legendary mountain range is moderately strenuous. Fit hikers hike up in two or three hours.

...And Ride a Comfortable and Scenic Cable Car

To avoid the stair climb, three different cable car lines go to the 1,400m+ (5,000 feet) hotel area.

Take a Spring Walk Around Xidi Village

Xidi Village is a quaint old clan village at the foot of the mountains that is known for the well preserved Ming houses and courtyard gardens. While walking through the streets and fields surrounding the village, you'll enjoy a less touristy and more authentic experience than more popular and photogenic Hongcun.

Touring Huangshan in May

Peak Travel Season

Yellow Mountains in May

The first three days of May are the busy May Day holidays, and the end of April until about May 5 are extremely crowded with tourists. It might be better to avoid this period. Make hotel reservations in advance. Hotel rooms and Yellow Mountains flights are relatively expensive. Accommodations and train tickets may be difficult to obtain.

Yellow Mountain Tours

The 3-Day Yellow Mountains Tour from Shanghai: The mountains' hot springs are included on this tour of highlights. We can lengthen and modify the trip per your wishes.

See our full spectrum of tours or contact us to get help to design your own.

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