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 Taiyuan Shopping

Taiyuan Shopping

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Aug. 31, 2021

Taiyuan shopping centers are mainly located at the Yingze East Avenue (迎泽东大街), Wuyi Road (五一路), South Jiefang Road (解放南路), Jianshe South Road (建设南路), Kaihua Temple Street (开化寺街) etc. Main shopping centers are Wuyi Department Store (五一百货大楼), Tianlong Mansion (天龙大厦), Huayu Shopping Center (华宇购物中心), Yuhuanyuan Center (御花园商厦), and Guidu Department Store (贵都百货).

For those who want to experience Taiyuan folk customs, passengers can go to the Liuxiang Street (柳巷商品街), Zhonglou Street (钟楼街) and Liunan Night Market Street (柳南夜市一条街). All these are the busiest sections of the Taiyuan City.

There are many local and special products in Taiyuan, including the dough carvings, Fenjiu (a kind of Wine), mature vinegar, paper cuttings, bamboo leaf green liquor (a kind of wine).

Dough Carvings 面塑

It is also known as dough figurine. It is a famous handicraft in Pinglu County. People squeeze paste into figures, fruits and animals. Then people will steam them and paint them. These dough sculptures are made delicately and vividly. People usually buy them as gifts to send to friends.

Paper Cuttings 剪纸

In the suburb of Taiyuan, villagers will make paper-cut for window decoration during the Spring Festival. The content of paper-cut is extensive. The favorite pattern includes animals, legend stories, festal designs, auspicious characters etc. These paper-cuts are colorful and have a strong flavor of rural life.

Fenjiu 汾酒

It is one of the Chinese liquors made in Shanxi Xinghuacun Distillery. It was first made during the eras of southern and northern courts. It has a history of more than 1,500 years. It is famous for its color, taste and smell and it is one of the eight famous Chinese liquors.

Zhuyeqing (Bamboo Leaf Green Liquor) 竹叶青

Zhuyeqing is one kind of Fenjiu. It has a long history. The bamboo leaf green liquor is produced from Fenjiu and blended with dozens of traditional Chinese medicine like dried tangerine, grain of paradise, Chinese angelica root, holy basil, clove, sandalwood etc. Then lie soaked in the liquid with the white of egg, bamboo leaf and crystal sugar. The bamboo leaf green liquor is 45% alcohol by volume. The real bamboo leaf green liquor will not be on sale until after 120 working procedures. The liquor is green in color and transparent. It has many capabilities such as eliminating indigestion, resolving food stagnancy and relieving restlessness etc.

Mature Vinegar 陈醋

The mature vinegar is made in Qingxu County. It is one of four famous Chinese vinegars. The mature vinegar is black in color and has a strong acrid odor. It is famous for sweet, soft, acid and fragrant. In addition, it is non-setting. The longer time it is stored, the stronger odor it has. The mature vinegar is not only a spice but also a kind of medicine. It is believed to be effective against some diseases such as high blood pressure, hepatitis and skin diseases etc.

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