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5 Most Famous Shopping Streets in China

shangxiajiu walking streetShangxiajiu Shopping Street in Guangzhou, South China

China is a fantastic shopping destination.From the roadside stall to the large-scale modern shopping mall, from the common store to a popular supermarket, China has numerous perfect places to shop that can satisfy all shoppers' desires. Most large Chinese cities feature special business streets, where local products are on sale. 

Merchandise of the same kind is usually sold in the same street, which makes shopping easy and saves you time. From bamboo chopsticks to Cultural Revolution memorabilia, whatever your interest, you're bound to be able to buy it in China. As the world's factory, you can find just about anything.

1. Wangfujing Street

donghuamen night market

Wangfujing Street is one of the largest and most popular pedestrian streets in China. There are many outdoor cafes in the summer - a nice place to take an ice-cream or frozen beer under a shady umbrella. It is also home to a number of large department stores, souvenir stores, food stalls, and Chinese painting stores. In the evening, there is an evening food market selling all kinds of Beijing local snacks and snacks from other parts of China.

2. Chunxi Road

chunxi street

Chengdu's shopping centers gather at Chunxi Road, biggest, busiest shopping area in town. Brand stores, boutiques, shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants make this a fun area to visit. It is also an ideal place for looking around and sampling the delicious local snacks.

3. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Shopping Street is 1200 meters long concentrating more than 300 various shops, including many old and new famous brands. The street is composed of the unique and ancient architecture which fully reflects the Lingnan (South China) culture. There are also tea houses and restaurants for you to savor the delicious local food.

4. Barkhor Street

The Barkhor Street

The Barkhor (pilgrims' circuit) is found in the heart of Lhasa encircling the Jokhang Temple. In the past, it was a designated circumambulation circuit, "a saint road" in the eyes of Tibetans. Now it's also a shopping center, an old district with colorful Tibetan features. In the street, you can find souvenirs, and experience the mysterious "one step one bow" way to religion. Houses and small inns were built all around the street.

5. Central Avenue

The Central Street

Central Avenue is a pedestrian-only cobblestone street lined with stores, restaurants, old architecture dating from the Russian era, and malls. Central Street was part of the original town built by the Russians about 110 years ago. It was first called Chinese Street. You’ll find some shops with Russian products, international restaurants, and larger supermarkets.

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