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The Funniest Things to Do with Kids in Xian

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jan. 17, 2021
Family Tour

Xi'an has been the capital city for 13 dynasties. Its long history and the great wonder of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses attract thousands of people from all over the world. 

There are so many historical sites to see and explore, that some visitors who travel with children may worry that there are no places suitable for them. 

However, the opposite is actually the case. Whatever age you are, there are many interesting things to do in Xi'an, so there is no need to worry. Listed below are some activities that are very popular with kids in Xi'an.

Xi'an City Wall — Cycling with Your Kids

Xi'an City WallEnjoy cycling on Xi'an's Ancient City Wall.

It is an exciting experience to go biking on the ancient City Wall. The wall completely encircles the old city, so the scenery from the top is incredible. 

Your kids will love biking on this 14 kilometers long wall which provides great views of the city below. There are tandem bikes for you to rent and you can take one with your child. If your children are not old enough to ride the bicycles, there are also electric cars around the wall for you to take but, through our experience, bicycling is the most popular way for kids. Your teenagers will love this activity very much. Read more on the Xi'an Ancient City Wall

Opening hours: Different gates have different opening times but, generally, it opens from 08:00-19:00.

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The Terracotta Army

The Terracotta ArmyThe Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army is the most significant archaeological excavation of the 20th century. The site is one of the Eight Great Wonders of the World. No matter what age people are, they won't want to miss it.

Your kids will be impressed by the ceramic figures of warriors, horses and chariots arranged in battle formations, which were built in 246-208 BC.

The museum covers an area of 16,300 square meters and is divided into three sections: Pit 1, Pit 2 and Pit 3 respectively. Pit 1 is the largest and was first opened to the public on China's National Day in 1979.

Altogether, over 8,000 pottery soldiers, horses, chariots and even weapons have been unearthed from these pits. They are so real that your kids may wish to talk to them or play with them. 

Location: Qinling North Road, Lintong District, 35 kilometers east of Xi'an City, about 40 minutes' drive.

Muslim Quarter — Food and Souvenirs

Muslim QuarterMuslim food

The Muslim Quarter is the hub of the Muslim community as well as being a Muslim food and souvenir market.

Stroll through the Muslim Quarter and buy trinkets in the bazaars, and discover all sorts of exotic foods as well as grabbing a bite to eat. You can enjoy a great variety of delicious foods there. 

The crumbled unleavened bread in mutton stew (Yang Rou Pao Mo), the fried rice with pickled Chinese cabbage and little capsicums, the roast beef, mutton or lamb casserole and various noodles can all make your mouth water. The most famous snack on this street is the steamed stuffed bun of Jiasan.

If your children bargain for their goods with the sellers, you will be surprised.  

Opening hours: 08:00-19:00.

Tang ParadisePerformance at Tang Paradise
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Tang Paradise — Watch Performance

Tang Paradise is a cultural theme park representing the Tang Dynasty. It is beautiful and lots of fun for kids.

Every day, there are excellent performances in the garden. These performances include Shaolin Kung Fu, lion dancing, acrobatics and stilt walking. You can also see the water screen movie. The music fountain, laser lights, flames, fireworks and mist sprays all mix together, which will create a stereo effect for the kids. You can't miss it.

Location: 99 Furong West Road, Qujiang New District, Xi'an 西安市曲江新区芙蓉西路99号

Music Fountain Show at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square

Music FountainMusic fountain show at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square

It is a good place to spend a relaxing evening with your kids. The Dayan Pagoda Northern Square is the largest music fountain square in Asia and is next to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.  

There are lots of interesting things to see, however, the most attractive one is the music fountain show. Your kids will love it as it is a great performance with lights, water, music and laser beams. The water jets are synchronized to music and they light up. It is open every night and it is free to get in. Kids will enjoy the changeable lights and the exciting music.

Tip: Be sure to take an umbrella, as it is easy to get showered with water.

Qujiang Ocean World


Qujiang Ocean World (曲江海洋世界) is located in the central scenic spot of Qujiang New District, five kilometers from the city center.

It is a place for kids to learn about ocean science and technology, and is also a bridge for them to communicate with nature and animals.

It consists of an aquarium, ocean charm square and ocean business chamber. The aquarium is one of the most attractive components. The aquarium is composed of a dolphin performance center, an ocean science popularization center, a rain forest center, an underwater grand garden and auxiliary dining facility, and other service facilities. Your kids will love it.

Location: 1 Qujiang Second Road, Yanta District, Xi'an. It is next to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda to the west and Tang Paradise to the south.  

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Mt Hua — Enjoy Amazing Sunrise/Sunset on the Mountain

Mt HuaBeautiful scenery of Mt Hua

Mt Huashan is one of China's five holy mountains. It is famed for its natural steep and narrow paths, as well as the spectacular precipitous crags. The sunrise and sunset there are amazing

Among all of the attractions, there are five representative peaks. Each has its distinctive charms. The East Peak is the best place to enjoy the sunrise, while the West Peak is the most stunning one.

You can climb this mountain with kids. Usually it is not a problem to climb the not so precipitous peak and, if your kids are tired, there are cable cars to take. Some kids really enjoy it as it is a challenge for them. 

Location: It is situated to the south of Huayin County, 120 kilometers east of Xi'an City.

Fun Activities for Kids — Make Your Trip More Colorful!

Learn Paper Cutting Kids are doing paper cutting.

As well as the above major kid-interest attractions, these smaller fun activities for kids are available on our Xi'an tours:

  • Visit a local family and learn how to make Chinese dumplings.
  • Make mini terracotta warriors.
  • Visit the Tang Art Museum and enjoy a shadow show. Your kids can also learn paper cutting and calligraphy there.

If you are interested in any of the above activities, please contact us and we will arrange them for you

Best Xi'an Tours For Family

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All our Xi'an tours can be customized to suit you. If they are not close to what you want, just tell us your interests and requirements and China Highlights will create a fun family tour for you.

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