Where to Stay in Zhangjiajie

There are lots of beautiful places in Wulingyuan Scenic Area (often known as Zhangjiajie), but you may be having trouble deciding where to stay.

Most hotels in Zhangjiajie are concentrated in two areas:

  • at Wulingyuan (a small town adjacent to the national park),
  • in downtown Zhangjiajie.

Where to stay in Zhangjiajie

We summarize the pros and cons, and who each area would be best suited to, below.

Stay in Wulingyuan Town — Highly Recommended

pullman hotel Pullman Hotel in Wulingyuan town

We recommend our customers to stay in Wulingyuan most of the time, as it is convenient for sightseeing in the national park, and you have more choice: from hostels to 5-star hotels.


  • Five star hotels
  • Comfortable hotels and Western breakfasts
  • Convenient transportation to many famous spots in the scenic area (central to Tianzi Mountain, Suoxiyu Scenic Area, Yellow Dragon Cave, and Baofeng Lake)
  • More entertainment activities at night


zhuanjiacun hotel Zhuanjiacun Hotel in Wulingyuan town
  • Far away from airport/railway station (about 50 minutes’ drive)
  • You will have to re-enter the national park every day (an entry ticket is only valid for three days worth of entries).

Recommended if you…

  • Require high-quality hotel service.
  • Have plenty of time to catch your onward flights or train.
  • Want access to various parts of Wulingyuan Scenic Area, not just the national forest park.

Downtown Zhangjiajie — for Flight/Train/Tianmen Mountain

Grand hotelBest Western Grand Hotel in downtown Zhangjiajie

Most travelers spend more than 2 days touring Zhangjiajie. We don’t recommend you stay in downtown Zhangjiajie more than one night.


  • Five-star hotels to budget inns: the biggest range in the area
  • Convenient access to Tianmen Mountain, on the south of the city, and other minor sights
  • Close to the airport and railway station
  • More entertainment at night


  • The city is not as scenic and natural as Wulingyuan or inside the national park
  • Wastes time and transportation fees driving to Wulingyuan Scenic Area and drive back to your hotel (1 hour or more per journey)

Recommended if you…

  • Arrive at Zhangjiajie late at night.
  • Want to see the night show on Tianmen Mountain, or other city nighttime entertainment.
  • Have to catch an early onward flight/train.
  • Want to visit sights around Zhangjiajie city, such as Tianmen Mountain, Tujia Minority Customs Park, and Old Courtyard.

Tour Zhangjiajie with China Highlights

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