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Jiaju Tibetan Village

Known as the "Tibetan Fairyland", Jiaju Tibetan Village is a great destination for photography. It is one of the most beautiful ancient villages, voted by the Chinese National Geographic in 2005.

It is a place with a graceful idyllic life, hiding among the mountains. The village is a little far from Chengdu (about a 13-hour drive), but there are a lot of beautiful natural landscapes on the way, which are always covered in an in-depth tour to western Sichuan together with the Jiaju Tibetan Village.

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A Picture of Unique Tibetan-Style Houses, Terraced Fields, and Groves

In the village, there are about 140 Tibetan-style houses, which are all distinctive with their crown-shaped roofs, red eaves and white walls. They are scattered all over and around just like the stars in the sky or the pieces on a chessboard. From time to time, you can see smoke curling up from kitchen chimneys, which forms an Arcadian picture scroll together with the liquid brooks, the pure white snow peaks and the valley filled up with mist.

In addition, you will see terraced field upon terraced field, which is set off by the greenery there. The well-proportioned terraces, the pleasing greenery and the splendid Tibetan-style houses constitute a beautiful scroll in which everything looks so natural. Therefore, it is crowned as "a world of fairy tales in the Tibetan area".

Also, it is interesting that Jiaju Village has many groves in which you can pick the fruits casually if you go there in autumn. Apples and pears are the main fruits there.

Photography Tips

Every year, from the second half of March to around the 10th April, you will be able to appreciate the most beautiful scenery there, for this is the time when the pear blossom is in full bloom. Therefore and naturally, it is most suitable for photography then.

If you go to Jiaju in spring, you will see the Tibetan-style houses set off by the white pear blossom. When you enter the scenic spot, it means that you have reached the No. 1 viewing deck, and this is the location of Jiaju’s second village, where you can take a photograph of the panorama of the whole Jiaju village. Move forwards, and you will reach the No. 2 viewing deck, where you can see clearly the distribution of Tibetan-style houses, so it is most suitable for taking close-up photographs there.

It is recommended that you stay in Jiaju for one or two days when you visit there. And it is most convenient for taking photographs and appreciating the scenery if you choose to stay in Jiaju’s first village beside the No. 2 viewing deck, for you can look down at the whole Jiaju village when you go upward to the village, and throughout the journey you can enjoy many distinctive scenery spots such as the Tibetan-style houses, the watchtowers and pagodas. Moreover, you can take a photograph of the snow mountain and the local human geography. And in the next day when you go downwards from the No. 2 viewing deck, you will be able to take a photograph of the gorges and the panorama of Jiaju.

Pear blossom in the spring: every year, from the second half of March to around the 10th April is the pear blossoms’ flowering phase, which lasts about two weeks.

Autumn of Jiaju: every year, from the last ten-day period of September to early November, Jiaju and even its surrounding areas such as Jinchuan and Dangling are most beautiful. And it is also the time when Jiaju enjoys the largest number of visitors.

Travel Essentials

  • Transportation: The village is about 11 kilometers from Danba Town. You can choose the regular buses there, which cost about 5 yuan per person; or you can choose a chartered bus, which costs 30 yuan and can contain 4 people at a time. In addition, it costs about 120 yuan for taking a bus from Chengdu City to Danba Town.
  • Entry: the scenic spot costs 30 yuan per person.