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8 Incredible Weekend Getaways from Guangzhou

8 Incredible Weekend Getaways from Guangzhou

Written by Coco YangUpdated Oct. 27, 2023

Are you looking for a weekend trip from Guangzhou? Check out these eight incredible getaways from Guangzhou to Kaiping, Foshan, Qingyuan, Guilin/Yangshuo, Chaozhou/Shantou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Shaoguan.

Guangzhou Guangzhou

1. Kaiping: Hometown of Watchtowers

Highlights: special building styles, Chinese classical gardens

Getting there: about 2 hours' driving from Guangzhou. Contact us for private transport.

Recommended visit: 1–2 days

Tour price: from CN¥1,200 (US$189) per person based on 2 travelers

Top things to do:

  • Go to Chikan Ancient Town and Zili Village to enjoy the idyllic scenery.
  • Explore the distant history of the diaolou (watchtowers) and qilou (antique riverside terraces).
  • Appreciate the architectural art of Chinese classical gardens in Li Garden.

As the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, Kaiping is an ideal Guangzhou weekend getaway. There is no problem for you to visit Kaiping in one day from Guangzhou. If your time permits, you can stay a night in Taizhou (about a 30-minute drive from Kaiping) or Enping (about one hour's driving from Kaiping) after a Kaiping trip to enjoy the relaxing hot springs.

Recommended Kaiping Tours:

2. Foshan: Hometown of Chinese Kungfu

Highlights: martial arts, historical and natural scenery

Getting there: public subway or bullet train in about 20 minutes.

Recommended visit: 1–2 days

Tour price: from CN¥999 (US$156) per person based on 2 travelers

Top things to do:

  • Go to Foshan ancestral temple to see the Kungfu show.
  • Visit Shunde Qinghui Garden, Liangyuan Garden, and Nanfeng Ancient Stove to experience Foshan's traditional culture.
  • Climb Xiqiao Mountain to see the strange rocks, flowing springs, and waterfalls.

You may not know Foshan City, but you must have heard of Yip Man and Bruce Lee. They are kung fu stars with roots in Foshan City. Foshan is the famous "hometown of martial arts" and the birthplace of southern martial arts. You should not miss Foshan if you are a kung fu fan. Easily reached from Guangzhou by subway, Foshan is a convenient getaway for a weekend trip from Guangzhou.

Recommended Foshan Tours:
Foshan Ancestral TempleFoshan Ancestral Temple

3. Qingyuan: Back Garden of the Pearl River Delta

Highlights: unique natural view, special food taste

Getting there: high speed train in about 25 minutes

Recommended visit: 1–2 days

Tour price: from CN¥1,200 (US$189) per person based on 2 travelers

Top things to do:

  • Go rafting in Gulong Gorge.
  • Explore Nangang Millennium Yao Village.
  • Go to the canola flower fields to take beautiful photos.
  • Visit Lianzhou underground river.
  • Walk in Yingxi Peak Forest.
  • Find a hot spring resort to relax yourself.
  • Taste the famous Qingyuan chicken.

Contact us to tailor make a Guangzhou weekend trip to Qingyuan for you.

Qingyuan Gulong Gorge Rafting Qingyuan Gulong Gorge Rafting

4. Guilin: Essence of China's Countryside

Highlights: countryside, rice terraces, outdoor experiences

Getting there: about 3 hours by bullet train from Guangzhou

Recommended visit: 3–6 days

3-day tour price: from CN¥2,690 (US$419) per person based on 2 travelers

Top things to do:

  • Appreciate the karst hills with a Li River cruise.
  • Hike among the Longsheng rice terraces.
  • Try different outdoor activities in Yangshuo: rafting, rock climbing, kayaking, cave exploring, cycling…
Recommended Guilin Tours:
Yangshuo Xianggong Hill Yangshuo Xianggong Hill

5. Chaoshan: The Taste of Guangdong

Highlights: food tasting, unique folk culture

Getting there: about 2–3 hours by bullet train travel from Guangzhou

Recommended visit: about 3 days

3-day tour price: from CN¥3,400 (US$485) per person based on 2 travelers

Top things to do:

  • Visit historical Guangji Bridge, Kaiyuan Temple, and Paifang Street in Chaozhou.
  • Go to the old district of Shantou to enjoy the various styles of arcades.
  • Go to Nan'ao Island to enjoy the sea breeze and eat seafood.

The Chaoshan area, geographically speaking, refers to Chaozhou, Jieyang, Shantou, Shanwei and other areas along the eastern coast of Guangdong Province. The Chaoshan area has a long history and unique folk culture, with its own Chaozhou Dialect, Chaoshan drama, Chaozhou music, Chaoshan cuisine, Chaozhou gongfu tea, and handicrafts (such as Chaozhou embroidery and Chaozhou wood carving).

Chaoshan cuisine has always been a key representative of Guangdong cuisine. It is often said that "the food is in Guangzhou, but the taste is in Chaoshan".

Recommended Chaoshan Tours:

Chaozhou Guangji Bridge Chaozhou Guangji Bridge

6. Shenzhen: Silicon Valley of China

Highlights: modern China, Guangzhou's closest beaches

Getting there: 1–1½ hours from Guangzhou by high-speed train

Recommended visit: 1–2 days

Tour price: from CN¥1,200 (US$189) per person based on 2 travelers

Top things to do:

  • See monument replicas from all over the world at Window of the World.
  • Enjoy yourself in OCT (Overseas China Town) East: rides and entertainment.
  • Have fun in Happy Valley: again boasting many rides and entertainments.
  • Relax on Xiaomeisha and Xichong beaches.

Founded in 1979, Shenzhen is a booming new migrant city. It has become one of the three major financial centers in China. Shenzhen's rapid growth and high-rise construction coined the term "Shenzhen speed". Known as "China's Silicon Valley", Shenzhen is adjacent to Hong Kong, and you can take the subway from Luohu port to Hong Kong easily.

Recommended Shenzhen Tours:
 Shenzhen Xichong Beach Shenzhen Xichong Beach

7. Zhuhai: A City of Islands

Highlights: Changlong Ocean Kingdom, different island views

Getting there: 1 hour by bullet train travel from Guangzhou

Recommended visit: 1–2 days

Tour price: from CN¥1,400 (US$219) per person based on 2 travelers

Top things to do:

  • Stroll down Lovers' Road.
  • Have fun in Changlong Ocean Kingdom.
  • Explore an island.
  • Go to Yuanming New Garden to experience the splendor of the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912).

Zhuhai is a romantic small city. There are more than 140 islands around it, so Zhuhai is known as 'city of islands'. Each island has its own characteristics: Wailingding Island is known as 'Little Saipan'; Dongao Island has the best 'diamond beach' in Zhuhai; Hebao Island has the longest beach in Zhuhai; Dawanshan Island is a paradise for sea fishing…

Zhuhai Love LighthouseZhuhai Love Lighthouse

8. Shaoguan: the Birthplace of Lingnan Culture

Highlights: Danxia landforms, Hakka culture

Getting there: about a 1-hour high-speed train ride from Guangzhou

Recommended visit: 1–2 days

Tour price: from CN¥900 (US$139) per person based on 2 travelers

Top things to do:

  • Trace Shaoguan's history in ancient Zhuji Lane.
  • Admire the magical Danxia landforms.
  • Feel the Zen spirit in Nanhua Temple.
  • See the proud red plum trees along ancient Meiguan Road.

Shaoguan is the "north gate of Guangdong Province" and the hometown of the Maba people. Featuring beautiful scenery, simple folk customs, unique Danxia landforms, and mysterious Yao ethnic customs, Shaoguan has become the "back garden" of the Cantonese. Shaoguan is also one of the main localities of the Hakka people, known for their earthen castles.

Contact us for a tailor-made Shaoguan trip.

Shaoguan Danxia Landform Shaoguan Danxia Landform

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