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 Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill

Written by GavinUpdated Jan. 17, 2024
Bird's Eye View Of Guilin From Fubo HillOur guests at the top of Fubo Hill.

Fubo Shan (伏波山 'Subduing Waves Hill') is about 213 meters tall (700 feet), and it carries Xinxi Marquis Temple that was built during the Tang Dynasty era (618–907). The title of Xinxi Marquis was given to the "Fubo" General, Ma Yuan. Hence, came the name of the mountain.

It is conveniently located inside Guilin city only about a 50 minute walk away from the Guilin Train Station. With half of the graceful lone peak in the river and the other half on land with turbulent currents exploding against the hill's rocky base, a walk to the top provides an exquisite view like a traditional Chinese painting.

Highlights of Fubo Hill

Listening-to-Waves Pavilion

Built on the southeast cliff of Fubo Hill in 1964, Listening-to-Waves Pavilion is a 2-storied building of 106 square meters (1,140 sq. ft.). Visitors use it for gazing at the fine views along the Li River.

Returning Pearl Cave

Inside 'Returning Pearl' Cave, also known as Fubo Cave, in the mountain side, there are 'Trying Sword Rock' and many carvings on the cave walls. Among the best carvings is a self-portrait of Mi Fu, a famous painter, and a poem by Fan Dacheng, a famous poet, both from the Song Dynasty (960–1279).

A legend goes that an old dragon played in the cave. Its pearl was stolen after it fell asleep. Fortunately, the pearl was returned at last, hence Returning Pearl Cave.

The Returning Pearl Cave faces the Li River, and is only accessible by boat.

Thousand Buddha Crag

Stone Carving Fubo HillThousand Buddha Crag

Nestling in the belly of Fubo Hill and connected to Returning Pearl Cave, Thousand Buddha Crag is composed of three layers. The upper layer measures 7.4 m long, 6 m wide and 12 m tall (25x20x40 feet). In it, 239 statues of Buddha are enshrined. The statues of Buddha are masterpieces from the Tang Dynasty, and they are delicately carved with calm looks.

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Best Times to Visit and Weather

Guilin has a subtropical climate.

  • April to early October is the golden time to travel to Fubo Hill. The hot, bright summer days might be too hot and humid for many people, but others love it. To avoid the heat of day, you could go there earlier, or go later in the day to catch the sun set. The evenings are comfortable.
  • Choose September for drier weather. In October, the weather turns changeable and sometimes stormy.
  • December to February is cool but dry. With warm clothes, many days are good for a visit. But the temperatures might drop to near freezing at night. It almost never snows.

Travel, Entrance and Hours

Guilin Double Deck BusGuilin public double-deck bus. Bus tickets are about 1 or 2 RMB (15 or 30 cents USD).
  • Location: east bank of the the Li River about 4 kilometers northeast of Guilin Train Station. At the intersection of Binjiang North Road and Fengbei Road.
  • Opening hours: April to November, 6:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m and December to March, 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m
  • Bus routes: Bus 2, 203, or 206 to 伏波山 Fubo Shan
  • Taxi: It takes about 9 minutes and about 2 or 3 USD to go to/from Fubo Hill and the Guilin Train Station. Show the taxi driver: (伏波山公园 Fubo Shan)
  • Entrance Fees: 22 RMB (about 3.10 USD) adult tickets

Walking: It is about a 35 minute walk to/from the Sheraton Hotel, the Waterfall Hotel, and Central Square.

Private Transport Services

Private TourChina Highlights' private Guilin transportation is a convenient alternative to public transportation and taxis.

If you would prefer not to take public transport, then consider China Highlights. We are based in Guilin and know its every nook and cranny and ins and outs. Our drivers can get you there, quickly, comfortably, and in style.

If you are planning on coming to Guilin or Yangshuo, you can contact our local travel guides easily by phone or online. We can provide free travel advice or help you arrange a trip.

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Nearby Attractions

Nearby Hill Attractions

  • Seven Star Park - This big park area with seven hills (hence the name) has a cave system developed for tourists, beautiful gardens, a small zoo, and a small amusement park.
  • Duxiu Hill - Solitary Beauty Peak is a tower of rock with 306 steps to the top in downtown Guilin next to the Ming Prince Mansion.
  • Elephant Trunk Hill - Guilin's most famous hill, next to the Li River, has a small park with gardens.
  • Xianggong Hill - It is 300 meters (1,000 feet) tall in a beautiful setting right on the Li River near Xingping Fishing VIllage, about 20 km from Yangshuo and 60 km from Guilin. Hiking to the top, you can get excellent pictures of the Li River valley.

Learn about several other famous hills around the Guilin area in Guilin Mountains (Top 10 Karst Hills in Guilin).

Big Attractions around Guilin

  • Yangshuo - a rural farm town/tourist town of about 20 to 30 thousand is a 50 minute drive from Guilin. It is the most popular attraction for the natural beauty in the area. Li River cruises embark/disembark there. Hiking, biking, rafting, swimming, and tourist shopping at West Street adds to the fun.
  • Li River Cruises - These cruise boat trips to/from Yangshuo are what made Guilin famous since Nixon took the trip in the 1970s.
  • Reed Flute Cave - It is a 240 meters (787 feet) long limestone cave on the north side of Guiline.

Touring Fubo Hill and Guilin with Us

Enjoy A Guilin TourOur customers enjoying a Li River cruise.

We, China Highlights, are based in Guilin and can arrange and escort you on a wonderful tour of the region.

If you are interested in coming to Guilin/Yangshuo, please see our popular tours for inspiration:

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