Silk Road Maps
Silk Road from China

Silk Road Maps

By Candice SongUpdated Apr. 29, 2021

This page will show you maps of ancient Silk Road, tourist attractions along the Silk Road, cities along the Silk Road, etc.

Ancient Silk Road Map

Ancient Silk Road Map"

The Silk Road Tourist Map

Silk Road tourist map

Western Han Dynasty Map

The Western Han Empire initiated Silk Road trading in 139 BC by sending silk traders westward.


Silk Road Travel Distances Map

Silk Road Map

New Silk Road Map

In 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed that a new Silk Road should be constructed. The ‘Belt’ refers to the overland routes and the ‘Road’ refers to the sea routes. The Belt and Road Initiative is a new Silk Road project that promotes global cooperation and economic development.

New Silk Road Map

Maps of Provinces along the Silk Road

The Silk Road in China passes through Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, and Xinjiang.

Gansu Maps

Gansu Attractions MapGansu Attractions Map
Gansu province mapGansu Province Map

Gansu City Maps

Xinjiang  Maps

Xinjiang's location in China map
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Xinjiang Attractions Map

Xinjiang Attractions Map
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Xinjiang Province Map

Xinjiang Provinve Map
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Xinjiang City/Area Maps

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