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China Hiking

China Hiking
  • The natural way to travel
  • A healthy way to explore China's varied landscapes
  • Experience China more deeply
  • See otherwise inaccessible places
  • Over 20 hiking trails/tours

China is vast with varied landscapes. Its awesome landscapes and ancient culture keep attracting outdoor lovers to come and explore. From the hiking routes in Tibet at an altitude of over 4,000 meters, to easy walking tour in big cities, China offers a variety of hiking routes to suit walkers of all levels.

China Hiking Destinations By Theme

Beautiful natural scenery

Beautiful Natural Scenery

China is blessed with some wonderful landscapes. From the karst hills along the Li River to the Yangtze's deepest gorge in Lijiang, all the destinations listed below offer hikers picturesque scenery.

Historical heritage

Historical Heritage

If you are interested in China's history and like hiking, you may consider one of the following places for a hiking trip. The imperial remnants and ancient temples combine with stunning scenery.


Coastlines and Seascapes

In Hong Kong and on Hainan Island there are many large coastal hiking areas. Such hikes offer warmth, pristine beaches, sea air, amazing views, relaxation and revitalization.

china shopping

Shopping and Leisure

Walking, shopping and seeing sights and people on the way in China's big cities offer walkers a great opportunity to experience the real China first hand.

Most Popular China Hiking Routes

Li River is one of the most popular hiking route in China

Li River Hiking, Guilin

Hike along one of China's most beautiful rivers and enjoy the karst landscape.
Hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking, Lijiang

Hike the full length of the Yangtze's deepest gorge.
Jinshanling Great Wall hiking

Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking, Beijing

Hike a substantial length of the Great Wall for a deeper impression of its magnitude, variety and use.
xian River

Xin'an River Hiking, Huangshan

A truly beautiful route, with crystal-clear waters, ancient villages, bonsai trees, and mountains.
Yangtze River hiking

Yangtze River Hiking

See China's longest River and explore the ancient culture on it.
Tibet hiking

Ganden Monastery to Samye Monastery, Tibet

Experience the pure beauty of the "Roof of the World", and explore an untouched world.