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Zhangjiajie Weather in June

Zhangjiajie weather in June
Zhangjiajie National Forest ParkZhangjiajie National Forest Park

Weather: It is a little hot and rainy in June. The average low temperature is around 21 °C (70 °F), and the average high temperature is 30 °C (86 °F).

June is in the height of the rainy season. It is the rainiest month of the year. There is about 210 mm of rain each June, and it rains about half of the days of the month.

Clothing: Generally, a T-shirt and trousers or shorts is sufficient, but you'll need rain gear or an umbrella for a rainy day. If it isn't rainy, a hat and sunglasses will help protect you from solar radiation.

If you plan on hiking or walking up stairs, drink a lot of water and wear a hat on sunny days to prevent heatstroke. Make sure your shoes have good traction.

Things to Do in Zhangjiajie in June

Admire the Scenery in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

June is rainy season in Zhangjiajie. It is a good time to visit the national forest park, which is like a fairyland of mountains shrouded in mist and fog. You will have a chance to admire seas of clouds in June.

The roads may be a little slippery. We recommend you wear comfortable walking shoes with good traction. See more useful tips for touring Zhangjiajie.

Tianmen MountainTianmen Mountain

Visit Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain is another must-see attraction if you travel to Zhangjiajie.

You can enjoy the following experiences: ascend the mountain by riding the world’s longest cable way; walk across a glass-bottomed walkway that’s attached to the side of a cliff, at an altitude of over 1,400 meters (4,700 feet); descend the peak in a bus on “the road of 99 bends”.

If you are interested, and full of energy, you can hike up the mountain. It takes 2–3 hours.

Enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival

dragon boat racingThe Dragon Boat Festivals

Dragon Boat Festival (端午节, Duanwujie) is an important Chinese traditional festival, which usually falls in June. The most popular celebration activity are the boat races.

The Lishui River that flows through the national forest park region is a good place to enjoy the boat races and experience other events. Moreover, you can enjoy some zongzi (traditional Chinese rice wraps), which are a popular local food in this festival.

Touring Zhangjiajie in June

Shoulder Travel Season

Summer and fall are the peak travel seasons in Zhangjiajie, but the number of visitors decreases after May due to the wet weather, college exams, and the close of the school year.

Hotel rates are moderately high, and travel tickets are easier to purchase than the period from July to October. It is still advisable to book in advance.

If you want to enjoy a hassle-free tour, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to arrange a tour for you, including accommodation, sightseeing, flight/train booking, etc.

Touring Zhangjiajie with China HighlightsTouring Zhangjiajie with China Highlights

Customizable Zhangjiajie Tour Ideas

If the above ideas are not suitable for you, we have more Zhangjiajie tour suggestions. Or you can let us know your interests and requirements, and we will be glad to design a tour for you.

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