Beijing Maps

Our Beijing maps cover Beijing's location in China, the Beijing area, attraction locations in the city, the Beijing Subway, and plan views of Temple of Heaven Park and the Forbidden City.

Beijing's Location in China

beijing location in china

Beijing is situated at the northern tip of the North China Plain. It is 2 hours by air from Shanghai and 3 hours from Hong Kong.

Beijing Area Map

Beijing Municipality covers an area of 16,410 sq km, including the city districts and the suburb districts. Below map shows main attractions of Beijing suburb districts.

Beijing Tourist Map

Beijing is an Ancient Capital of China with famous attractions of various types. This map covers the area inside the fifth ring road, showing photos and locations of key attractions (including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace), and railway stations and airports. Learn more about Beijing's attractions.

Beijing Forbidden City Plan View

Our Forbidden City Plan View shows the layout of the palaces in the Forbidden City. Read more about Beijing's Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City Map

Beijing Tian'anmen Square Map

Our Tian'anmen Square map shows you the layout of this world's largest city square and it gives you a better perspective of those national buildings around it. This Tian'anmen Square map also gives you the latest tourist information about those national sights around it.

Tiananmen Square layout and Tourist Map

Beijing Temple of Heaven Park Map

Our Temple of Heaven Park Map shows Temple of Heaven Park's layout, the main features, and paths through it. Read more about the Temple of Heaven.

Map of the City

Beijing Yonghe ( or Lama) Temple Map

Our Bejing Yonghe/ Lama Temple shows you  layout and main buildings of the temple, learn more about Yonghe Lama Temple.

Tourist Map of Beijing Lama Temple/Yonghe Temple

Map of Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo is now the biggest zoo in China, its highlights are Panda House and Aquarium. Our Beijing Zoo map shows you layout out of the zoo and the location of Panda House and Visitor Information Center. Learn more about Beijing Zoo.

beijing zoo map

Beijing Subway Map

This is Beijing's most up-to-date subway map. At present Beijing Subway has 22 lines in and around the city. Each line is coded with a color, and all stations are marked with both English names and Chinese names.

Click the map to see a larger map and find the nearest stations to attractions you want to visit, and the line(s) you need to get there.

Beijing Subway Line Map 2020Click to enlarge!

Beijing Map of Best Neighborhoods to Stay

Best neighborhoods to stay in Beijing shows the most convenient and popular areas to stay in Beijing during your trip. Whether you are on business trip, layover, traveling with families and kids, or travelling on a budget, there is a place to suit your needs. Learn more about 11 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Beijing.

11 Best Beijing Neighborhoods to Stay

Beijing Side Trips Map

This map below shows you the best Beijing side trips. Learn more about Top China Tours from Beijing.

Best beijing side trips

Beijing Top 10 Landmarks Map

This map below gives you a brief introduction of the top 10 landmarks in Beijing with locations.

beijing landmarks map

Beijing Airport to Beijing City

This map shows you some practical ways for getting to Beijing city from Beijing Capital International Airport. Learn more about how to get to Beijing city from Beijing airport and how to get to the Great Walls from Beijing.

get to beijing city from beijing airport

Sample Beijing Tour Itineraries for Your Inspiration

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