Hangzhou Attractions

Of the 20 Hangzhou attractions listed here West Lake is probably the most famous, completely man-made in the imperial garden style. There is a strong Buddhist influence. Peak Flown in from Afar is famous for its thousands of Buddhist carvings, and nearby Lingyin Temple is a classic and celebrated example of a Buddhist temple.

Hangzhou Accessibility & Restrictions for Visitors

Hangzhou is conditionally open and can be visited. If you are planning a trip to Hangzhou and want to know more details, please contact us. Alternatively, you can check our popular Hangzhou tours for inspiration.

1. What you will need when visiting:

  • Green health code
  • Travel itinerary details of the past 14 days (found in Alipay)
  • Passport
  • Mask
  • Health enquiry form (provided by hotels)

2. Popular attractions that are open include (but are not limited to):

  • West Lake
  • Impression West Lake
  • Lingyin Temple
  • China National Tea Museum
  • China National Silk Museum


The nearby water towns of Wuzhen, Xitang and Nanxun capture the old rural way in truly atmospheric resorts. Explore Chinese culture at the museums of tea, silk and Chinese medicine. Explore Hangzhou hassle free with our popular tours, designed to take in the top attractions.