The Top 6 Ancient Streets/Villages close to the Yellow Mountains

The Top 6 Ancient Streets/Villages close to the Yellow Mountains

By Kelly PangUpdated May. 17, 2021

After a visit to the Yellow Mountains, you should see the villages/streets of Huangshan to appreciate countryside scenery and ancient architecture.

Tunxi Ancient Street — Gifts, Food, Ink, and Architecture

tunxiTunxi Ancient Street

Tunxi Ancient Street is the best-preserved ancient street in Huangshan City, with architectural styles of the Song (960–1279), Ming (1368–1644) and Qing (1644–1911) dynasties.

It's famous for ink production. If you are interested in Chinese brush calligraphy, you should see the historic factory where ink tablets, calligraphy sets, and seals are produced.

You can also buy famous tea there and taste the best local food.

Hong Village — The Subject of Countless Paintings

hongcun villageHong Village

Hong Village you may have already seen, as it's the setting for Ang Lee's movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Hongcun is a beautiful ancient village frequented by painters capturing the blend of pools, willows, and ancient architecture on canvass. It's at the foot of the Yellow Mountains.

Xidi Village — a Model of Simplicity

xidi villageXidi Village

Xidi Village has many high walls and alleys, which will make you feel like you're in a maze. The layout, decoration, and cultural backdrop make it a classic Anhui ancient village. There's an 8-km (5-mi) Hongcun–Xidi scenic walk.

Tangyue Memorial Arches — ”Gates of Virtue”

tangyue memorial archesTangyue Memorial Arches

The Tangyue Memorial Arches are the largest collection of these tall Chinese-style stone gateway and roof structures in the world. The arches are made of stone alone, without any fixings, and each is named after a moral virtue. Half an hour from Huangshan city, but 1½ hours from Hongcun.

Tachuan Village — Autumnal Scenery

Tachuan villageTachuan Village

Tachuan Village is a fall favorite. It is one of the best places to appreciate red leaves in China, alongside such greats as Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan, Kanas in Xinjiang, and Fragrant Hill Park in Beijing. It's only 2 km (1 mile) from Hongcun or about half an hour’s walk.

Wuyuan Village — Rape Blossoms in Spring

wuyuanWuyuan Village

Wuyuan Village is a well-preserved village of Anhui architecture. It's well known for its yellow seas of rape flowers, best seen during March and April. It's about 1½ hours' drive southwest of Huangshan.

Jingdezhen — Capital of Porcelain


Jingdezhen is the capital of porcelain. You can have a look at how porcelain is made, and experience making porcelains by yourself. It's about 2½ hours by bus or 3 hours by train southwest of Huangshan.

Nearby Attractions

The Yellow Mountains are the undisputed star attraction of Huangshan, which all Huangshan tours are built around. Apart from the above villages the Xin’an River is another excellent place for hiking through beautiful scenery.

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