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Lijiang Weather: Best Times to Visit Lijiang

Lijiang's combination of high altitude (2,400 meters / 7,874 feet) and low latitude results in a climate that is characterized by relatively cooler summers and milder winters.

Moderate rains in the monsoon-influenced summer "wet season" give way to relatively clear weather throughout the rest of the year — an 8-month "dry season".

The temperature swing is greater on a daily basis than it is on a season-to-season basis, meaning that layered clothing — at least the use of warm outer clothing in the mornings and evenings — is recommended. 

But like all highland areas that are bordered by mountains, the weather can change several times a day. In fact, there is an apt saying in the north of Yunnan Province that captures this highland weather phenomenon: "in the north of Yunnan Province, you can experience all four seasons in a single day!"

Best Times to Visit Lijiang

The best times to visit Lijiang are from late March to May and mid-October to November — you will see a sunny, flowery and enchanting Lijiang. Have a look at our Lijiang Tours and choose your time of travel.

If you have a holiday in winter, you should consider Lijiang. Lijiang is one of the most popular tourist destinations in winter. Its mild temperatures, dryness, sun, and tempting scenery will brighten the cold winter.

Lijiang's rainy season begins in May and ends in October, with the heaviest and most recurrent rainfall periods (some locals would swear that they can set their clocks by it) occurring during July and August, meaning that this is hardly the ideal time of year to visit the Lijiang area. 

Lijiang Average Temperature by Month

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (ºC) 17 19 23 27 27 26 28 29 24 22 19 17
Low (ºC) 4 7 10 12 17 17 19 18 17 13 9 5
Rain (mm) 5 2 12 38 96 182 208 177 152 76 17 5
High (ºF) 61 66 73 79 80 78 82 83 75 71 65 61
Low (ºF) 39 43 49 53 61 62 65 64 61 55 47 40
Rain (in) 0.2 0.1 0.5 1.5 3.8 7.2 8.2 7 6 3 0.7 0.2

Spring — Clear and Warm


Spring is from March to May. It is a comfortable season with clear weather, blue sky and flower blossoms. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain can be seen from almost every corner of the city. 

The average daily temperature range (April's) is 8–20°C (46–68°F). Temperatures differ greatly between day and night. Prepare long-sleeve shirts, thick sweaters, and a coat. Convenient and comfortable layers are practical for taking on and off.

Things to Do

Spring is one of the best times to travel to Lijiang. Clear skies, bright sunshine and occasional breezes would make your trip pleasurable. Natural sightseeing, Naxi cultural experience, and outdoor activities are recommended, such as:

  • Capture a postcard-perfect photo at Black Dragon Pool Park.
  • Stroll through Lijiang Ancient Town and enjoy the special local snacks.
  • Learn to make Naxi pancakes from a Naxi lady in Baisha village.

See Top 10 Things to Do in Lijiang.

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Summer — Mild and Humid


Summer is from June to September — the "rainy season". There are often heavy rains, which may cause landslides. It is usually cloudy and maybe too foggy to see the snow-capped mountains. It is also more expensive to visit Lijiang in summer. 

June and September have moderate rainfall and July and August high rainfall. The rainfall keeps daily temperatures mild and closer together at around 14–23°C (57–73°F).

Wear summer clothes, such as shirts, shorts, and skirts, but take a light coat or sweater for early morning and evening… and an umbrella. If you visit the mountainous areas, you need to prepare warmer clothes and waterproofs. Sunlight is very strong in summer, wear sun protection such as hats, sunglasses and sun block, and drink lots of water.

Top Things to Do

Lijiang's high altitude makes it mild in summer. Breathing the fresh air and doing exciting/intersting activities in the mountainous area are recommended:

  • Take a cable car up to the holy Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
  • Go bar-hopping in Lijiang Ancient Town
  • Discover the mysterious Naxi culture by visiting a shaman's house.

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Autumn — Dry and Clear


Autumn is from October to November. It is the most beautiful season, and also has comfortable weather. Dry and clear, with fall-colored trees and late blossoms, rainfall is rare by mid-October.

October averages 9–20°C (48–68°F) with low rainfall. November is much drier still, averaging 4–17°C (39–63°F).

Temperatures vary greatly between day and night; usually it feels chilly during the night. Bring long-sleeve shirts, light sweaters, and a coat.

Things to Do

In October you can see farmers harvesting in the fields. You should try a hike in the golden season.

  • Check out the power of the water and the towering mountains at sensational Tiger Leaping Gorge.
  • View the First Bend of Yangtze River.
  • Look into the former residence of a Naxi chieftain — Mufu Mansion.

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Winter — Clear and Warm


Winter is from December to February. It is a very good season for visiting Tiger Leaping Gorge. The weather is clear and mild during the day, but at night, temperatures often drop below 0°C (32°F). 

There are much fewer travelers in winter, so it is cheaper to travel in this season. Prepare warm clothes such as down jackets and thick sweaters.

Top Things to Do

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requirements. All our tours can be customized.

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Lijiang Average Monthly Temperatures

Lijiang Average Monthly Temperatures

Lijiang Average Monthly Precipitation (in)

Lijiang Average Monthly Precipitation
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